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Legend of JOHNNY

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Wow that took a while.

This is a game I started makin in September 2008. It didn't take all that time to make, it's actually bin finished on my hard drive for months, but it was a absolute fucking HELL to finish.

I was aiming for somethin between Devil May Cry and Bionic Commando ReArmed. I wanted to make a game that people would see as a "game" and not a "flash game" or "web game". Also I wanted to put all the people making tower defenses, catapult clones n top-down shooters to shame, and show everyone that it's 2010 and we don't have to make over-pixelated chiptune games any more with crappy rotating limbs n slideshow cutscenes.

But I don't wanna sound like a jerk, I just wanted to make the best thing I possibly could.

I'd love for cutscenes to be available everywhere, but they literally won't fit in the .fla. I can't import anything n I can barely export it it's so damn big, so I hope noone's too annoyed about that.

Oh well. Have fun with it.



Just some things to take into consideration:
1) I bought auto fire, it just doesnt work, but i sure as hell can fire like a mad man by using two fingers on ma left mouse button
2) Enemy health bars, lvl 1 first 3 skeletons are almost all 1-3 hit kills, the 2nd and 3rd take FOREVER
3) i keep falling in gaps bleh usually im good with platformers but it seems i keep sliding
4) different weapons make the world go round
5) the last car on lvl 1 i CANT blow it up by shooting it, so i HAVE to knife it, which hurts/kills me
6) the black thing in lvl 1, it hasnt gotten a chance to attack me yet cause i kill it too fast.

Heading to lvl 2
*note hoollyyyy buggg*
I was in the shop, after typing the above, went back to the game and i was just... falling, eventually fell back into the shop but was odd. Just kept shooting and trying to move til it worked
1) K so NONE of the upgrades work? I just bought the key to the gents and its still locked?
2) I also had the 1.2x coins, doesnt seem to be doing anything
3) yeah im done playing none of the upgrades work at all, just got the 4 hit combo, there is definitely only 3 hits happening

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Shops broken.

I can buy things but i dont get them, it takes the money away from me and shows up as orange and that i already have it, but i cant get into the toilet nor have auto fire or any other things i have got from the shop.

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but has too many problems. some of the stuff doesn't seem to wotk or is too buggy.

Really? MOUSE control?

Okay, let me start off by saying that this game SEEMS really fun. I played the version on the main site, with the cutscenes, and it seems like a funny, well designed game. The voice acting was decent (not amazing, but good enough,) the sounds were pretty good, the animation and graphics were BEAUTIFUL (this is one of the few DMC-esque flash games that got the pace of the attacking animations right,) and the storyline, while simplistic, was told in an interesting way. The little bit I was able to play was enjoyable, but.. That's where we get to the bad part.

First off, this game is SERIOUSLY GLITCHY. I use the caps lock for emphasis, because jesus, I should not run in to 10 glitches in the first 5 minutes of gameplay. Adding to the glitches everybody else has been talking about (although my attacks don't seem to "queue" like others have noted,) I ended up teleporting outside the "bar" after reading the Devil's note, making it impossible to get back in and the only fix being to restart the game completely. Also, I'm not sure if it was a glitch or bad game design, but I both ended up using the dash attack when I didn't double tap a direction (or had a lengthy pause between taps,) and ended up not hitting the enemy far too often when trying to combo, even though it looked like my sword hit them. Also, it's worth nothing that I was able to run the game on High graphics without the slightest FPS drop, so lag most likely was not an issue.

Now on to my main issue.. Mouse control. Seriously? WHY did you have to do this? Why is it that keyboard control just isn't good enough for game creators anymore? I'm using a laptop, and quite frankly, this game is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy when using one. By using mouse control, not only do you have a glitchy, annoying, ridiculous combat system (you can't always guarantee if you're going to shoot or swing,) but you cut away a very large chunk of your audience by ruining somebody's chances to play the game with a laptop. I don't see why game developers think making a fast-paced action game, based around combos no less, controlled with the MOUSE is a good idea - It doesn't work in this game. It hasn't worked in any other game. It never WILL work in any game. It's truly a horrible system, and as much as I hate to get on your case so much about it, you practically ruined an otherwise exceptional game with such a god-awful combat system. One last thing I'd like to mention about the combat system - Knowing that the camera moves in a way that, when the player is falling, he is at the bottom of the screen, what exactly made you think that shooting down to slow your fall would be useful in any way? When you're falling, you pretty much CAN'T shoot down because of the camera..

I do doubt you'd take the time to go back and fix this, considering it would probably require a massive engine reworking, but I seriously suggest you at least TRY and add in a pure-keyboard gameplay system - Or at least allow you to control your sword with the keyboard. Controlling the guns with the mouse is perfectly fine. I sincerely believe keyboard control would make this game skyrocket from mediocre to fantastic.

Now, I hope you don't take me as being rude or offensive about this - I just generally tend to focus my reviews on the negative aspects so the author can improve. I truly do think this game has alot of promise, but it seems like it was released far too early and with far too little thought put into the gameplay itself. With some work, this could be an A++ game, but for now I can't give it more than a 4.5/10.


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I-smel responds:

If I used keyboard control then you wouldn't be able to aim guns.
Then if I used the mouse just for guns n left attacking to the keyboard then you'd be switching between them the whole time.
With the mouse, you switch between firing n slashing automatically depending on how far away from the enemy you are. ALSO it stops you from combo-ing off a ledge because he turns around to allways be facing the mouse.

The problem is that I've got a regular mouse (which it was made for) and you've got a touchpad, which is something completely different. I hate touchpads n I hate laptops, so sorry.


equipment can't be equipped, there seems to be abug

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