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Cellular Defense

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New defense game! Create defender cells around the veins to attack and destroy the viruses as they burrow deeper into your patients. Use your ATP budget wisely and manage your cells to make sure you can remove as much of the infecting virus as possible!

Quick thinking is required as you manage two levels at one time to restore your patient's health.

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4/5 7/10, good game.

ez: 99% med: 99% hard: 98% on first attempt, 100% on all difficulties after ~ 6 tries.
The most difficult part to survive is the start.

Let mobs have different armors against different tower-colors, and increase the wave preview so the player can strategically plan against which wave color to defend.

Keep up the good work!

Got 99% on easy and normal first tries but only reached 29 on hard, kind of just went mental at that stage. Enjoyed the game nice work.

Way too hard

The easy mode is fun but normal and hard are nearly impossible for me. The weapons are either too expensive, weak, or both. Also the new waves enemies come way too fast. Most of the time the next wave sneaks past my first tower unharmed because it's finishing off the previous wave. It's a neat idea and a good tower defense game but it's just too difficult.

Nice Game

I was able to beat the Normal game with a 94% Recovered and learned that although there is a glitch, it only happens when you try to speed up the line up for the viruses.

When I clicked on the names I was swamped by a bunch of viruses instead of the one type. When I reset and played it again without doing the speed up I had no issues at all.


Looked nice and polished and a very nice defense game but with huge flaws. It went from easy to IMPOSSIBLE right away. There was no way i could beat the normal mode and like somebody else said i think it was bugged and would have an infinite number of enemies. I would recommend that you take the game off and fix these problems so that people can properly enjoy your game.