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'loha, this is our parody on Mortal Kombat, Awesome Kombat.

Runs at 12 FPS.


Also, this isn't quite the original movie InfernoCPF created but a version updated by the graphics I had intended for a redux version with new audio.

SINcerely yours,


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I been meaning to review this one for the longest time and glad i did get around to it, its pretty impressive, i really enjoyed this one alot so thanks for the great effort on this one, The whole idea of mortal kombat with the odd yet interesting {CHARACTERS} was interesting, i thought thats what made it more silly and entertaining well atleast for me, Now i thought it was kinda {SHORT} so if you did make it linger and more characters that might put it over the edge for me, but other then it being short i thought this was a pretty nifty little toon, so nice job on the effort and i look forward to more of your silly toons, keep up the interesting flash works.

Make it longer with alot of the characters from mortal kombat

Entertaining mortal kombat parody


Could have been so much better

The animation that you showed in the intro with the two characters was so good! It feels like you guys just wasted potential by having the actual animation be so cheesy. I guess that as a comedy flash it was supposed to be like that, but it came off as annoying. Some of the jokes aren't bad, but they're not executed well. When the "Finish Him" sign appeared on the screen, it looked like you made up a new letter. It was like an "O" in the middle of an "I".

You guys do look like you have a wide variety of other stuff. I would enjoy to see some of that stuff on this website. There needed to be a lot more shading as everything seemed to be a single color. Stuff by other people is silly, but they do have animation that flows pretty well together. It could have also been longer.

Psychopath responds:

I'm glad I finally have a proper context to bring this explanation into:

You see, InfernoCPF uploaded Awesome Kombat at 07/15/08 and it was blammed because of it's low quality. Infact, you can see the original he created here;

[Remove the hyphen-minus' in the HTTP address that follows]


InfernoCPF continued submitting movies only to have them blammed out of the portal and eventually gave up on it; whenever you see that InfernoCPF had collaborated with me on a flash movie, it's actually his with maybe some of my own animation to enhance the aesthetic quality to make it more likely to pass, so that his previously blammed submissions could pass judgement.

However this time that is not the case; I created the higher quality material to serve as a remake/tribute to the original with content I created entirely on my own; audio and all. Suffice to say I only got about an 8th of the way there, gave up. I wanted to come back to it but I couldn't so I came up with the idea to simply combine our two abandoned animations together to make one eligible to pass Judgement and to make for our first actually collab; that is where we both contributed equal portions of the material.

In other words, the reason for the drastic change in animation quality is because the higher quality animation is overlaying the lower quality animation made 3 years ago.

I realize that it could be better, so I have future plans to enhance the quality even further by adding shading to InfernoCPF's animation and correct a few errors. Also the file size for each will be shrunken.

These kind of enhancements will also be applied to all of our works currently published under my account before we proceed with future projects; to commemorate the Newgrounds redesign by redesigning our own works in conjunction with the Newgrounds redesign. We hope to file swap our enhanced works just before the new redesign is applied to the site to minimize the opportunity people have of seeing it before the site is rebooted so it appears that the afore mentioned works appear to be a part of the sites actual redesign.

I have all of InfernoCPF's animations on my PC, some of which he never submitted. He and I have agreed that it's a good idea to continue submitting flash movies like this, combining our spare material together until we run out of shit we long ago abandoned. We're wrapping up unfinished works and reviving rejected business.

if this kid hate your work

this gem145 kid if you hate his work then you would hate mine. mine are pretty badly made but i hope to get better doubt it though

decent flash, good animation(well better than mine soundwise n'all)i dident find that too funny though but hey everyones got different sences of humor

Psychopath responds:

Me and Gem are on understanding terms now. Although I agree with him on flash that's intentionally made to be bad, I can't agree with his hatred toward amateurs.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

worst parody of mortal kombat

what the hell was that ? i mean , there are like million of animation that got a lot of well deserved score cuz their work and you got here with that shit :U
crews are for losers

Psychopath responds:

Whistle Point.


The only time i give a low rating if the flash sucks ass, atleast you weren't a retard and put penises in the video

Psychopath responds:

Hehe, yeah, I honestly don't understand these spammy flash crews that post utter crap without at least some effort; although we didn't create the best thing in the world, we still tried and did what we could with what we had.

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3.10 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2010
5:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody