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Turret Tower Attack

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I nearly forgot to submit this, I was just waiting for the All-Clear from StickGames.com!
This action game revolves around your turret, which you can upgrade throughout the game, as your fortress is under siege! Shoot your way through hundreds of enemies with the massive arsenal of guns at your disposal.

I hope you enjoy the game!
Reece :D

ps. You can also try out my other submission (Pro Football - a soccer game) at:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/549069

Its pretty fun with 2 people :D

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Not bad

Last time I played this my spacebar was broken so I avoided reviewing or rating unfairly until I got a new keyboard, lol. The game is pretty great. I got farther this time than I did last time, being able to reload manually. The upgrades system is great, and the enemies are pretty cool. I made the mistake this time of only upgrading my turrent nonstop, and not the base...well, that didn't go so well :/ lol

The art isn't anything special, but the game's coding seems just about perfect. The game doesn't feel awkward or anything and pretty much functions as it should. I'd say for future works you could improve on your drawings a lot. Other than that, the sounds were all good, and the menu seems okay. I'm glad you added a scoreboard as well, that's always a nice touch in any game that keeps track. Overall a good game. Keep up the good work.

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Haha thanks for the long review man,
I was planning on making a second, and starting the art from scratch.
Glad you liked it though :)

Just so you know (incase you didn't) - upgrading the base gives you more money :D!


i like it its fun! good work :) i hate the red tanks :(

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Red is Awesome :(

neeeeeeeeeeds more work!

upgrade graphics, enemies and weapons, maybe then this game will have something that makes people want to play it...

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Fair enough :P

Nothing too new or interesting....indeed

I admit you put some effort into this, it was well put together and people that are big fans of stick games will probably enjoy it...but I feel that you didn't really make it your own as far as design concepts go (I know it's a STICK game) but an interesting backround that changed with rounds, special weapons, ranged units(I only played for about ten minutes and didn't see any...and all the enemies had guns they couldn't use until they were right at my base..)those are the kinds of things that differenciate generic defense games from the super awesome defense games that people go back and play often... but if generic defense game was your goal, you hit it spot on

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

Thankss for the feedback, I get what you mean.
I will try to work on these if I create a second one
Reece :)