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Good Taste

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I love to cook with friends, don't you? <3

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that was hilarious "okay man u got like, 20 minutes"


I was all like, "I wanna blam this stuff!" but then i saw the little zim doggie about to rape the gold ankh thingy and I was like..."oh yeah, all the points now!"

yum. *slurp!*

5/5 10/10 plus all my lint in my pocket and all my dried semen in my boxers :P

IvysaurClock responds:


Voices are off

The animation is decent enough, in a Homestar-Runner-sort-of-way. And the voice of Chalk is fine. But whoever did the Ankh and the dog-thing at the end needs to have his or her work dubbed over. First of all, the volume is either way up or way down when Chalk isn't speaking. And then the "voice acting" of Ankh is so all over the map that you really don't get a feel for Ankh the cartoon character.

IvysaurClock responds:

I know that the sound quality is poor, and I am sorry for that. The feedback that I've gotten as a result of this has encouraged me to get a better mic, and to actually learn how to use Audacity.

also i stand by my girclock impression; that is SPOT ON