Madness: Guilt Trip

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oh hai Madness.

I challenged 4 artists and myself to create short madness toons based around the theme "non traditional madness" the results are....shocking.

I am also happy to highlight one of my favorite newgrounds original musicians SLUG-SALT! all the music u hear in this thing is made by him!

plz no comments about a scene select or play buttons - the coder found out the file was corrupted this morning...so i (the worst code-smith ever) took over assembling this...which is why it kinda just plays thru..so cut me some fuckin slack..)

thanks for checkin it out ya mad muthers
thanks for front page! - - heres some credits i didnt mention

Mrs. Rat, Cardboardwalk, LetoVox all made the Dr. Katz portion possible.

Ricepirate did the voicework for Lukashafstrom's part! (Sexy no? - check out his voice demo!)


All very interesting takes

At least this was different. Not all totally coherent what is going on most of the time through them, but absolutely a nod in the right direction. Almost gave a 10 just for the Dr. Katz scene alone.

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wtf is all i have to say

Not very mad for a madness

Some of the animations were simply AMAZING, but this doesn't really remind me of Madness. 8 For originality.

I don't really look after collabs, though.

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I love this unique way of approaching Madness. In all seriousness, i really don't see how people could vote this down. Especially one review:

BoyBogart, your animation was good, your selection of scenes were good, I'm just sad to say that the rest of your artist team is lacking a sense of experience or style. BoyBogart, word of advice, next time submit your artwork without the other guys and you might have gotten a much higher score then 4/10

Stupid review is stupid. Note the description "non traditional madness".

Well anyway, Great work RedHarvest and the rest of the collaboration team.


different styles and all were different

props my friends to you and everyone who worked on this

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4.17 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
9:44 PM EDT