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Hi Everyone! This is my little madness movie about mercenaries. I hope You like it.

Some information.
4364 frames.
198 seconds (3 min. 18 sec.).
22 fps.
Many, many, MANY layers.
1005 items.
122 mb FLA. file.
38 kills.
22 different weapons.
Music is the Adrenaline beat from Videocopilot Sound Desinger FX

P.S. Happy Madness Day!!!

P.P.S Recommend my movie to Madness Day 2010 Collection, please!

I'm in Madness Day 2010 Collection!!!! Thanks everyone who recommend my movie!


Yo men!

Yhis is a Russian movie you saw that?! BIXOD - EXIT

Holy Shit that was epic

Well i cant even imagine its the best ive seen yet plz make more

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Very good. Although, since there are two of them, you could show a bit of banter or friendly arguing between them, like that game. (I forgot the name, but the two mercs were in Shanghai and they wore masks.)
Although Simi686 totally overreacted, there ARE a few realism problems, such as the loading of four shells into the double-barreled shotty. I mean, ain't it kinda... obvious?

RidOff responds:

It's Army of TWO

Ive never seen a actually madness video with a double barrel this is amazing but just couse theres a double barrel that means i should give it a five out of five.No it also had the fucking bizon,luger,even the dahm g36 and also the combat was grate and everything almost like a slower payesing version of madness combat.Awsome job RiddOFF cant see what you make next.

RidOff responds:

Thanks man)

its awesome

its one of the best madness movies i ever seen 10/10

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4.30 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2010
9:52 AM EDT