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Madness Confliction

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after much effort, madness confliction, the resolution of a great conflict between two henchman of great power.

ps:This is a version without connection with the "plot" of Krinkels

EDIT: Thanks Tom for the Front Page and to all reviews and FAVs :D !

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The animation is smooth and there are some really nice effects, so it's very appealing visually. The background is interesting, like an even more grotesque and deformed Nevada. Some of the far away shots look kinda derpy though. The music is nice too. The action took a while to really get going, it was pretty repetitive at the beginning. When it did get going, it was quite detailed and strategic. I feel like the power of Tricky's monster form was very understated, and I see no logical reason why he would turn back to his zombie form after firing at Hank twice. The choice to give Hank a tentacle arm was interesting. Not exactly a traditional one, but it worked pretty well I think.
Overall a cool Madness tribute, though not without its share of flaws.

I played Agar.io and i was 1. number 9 times. GOOD VIDEO

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Oh god :D