Polygon Reloaded

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In this sequel to the popular Polygon Apocalypse series, your mission is to destroy the waves of polygonal shapes that are rapidly approaching you. Some of the new weapons that you have at your disposal are the homing rocket, bouncy gun, grenades, lasers, and even acid beams! This sequel features three different game modes for which to choose from: wave mode, infinity mode, and free play. Each of these game modes have different objectives that you will need to meet and accomplish before proceeding to the next level. Try to achieve a high score so that you can have your name listed under the high scores.

Movement - WASD/ZQSD Keys
Slow Motion - Space/Shift Keys
Aim and Fire - Mouse
Pause/Mute - P Key



If only this was a tycoon/upgrade game....

It's good, but it needs to be improved

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a fun game, but as most people probably experience, the later on you get, the way laggier the controls become, and eventually you'll die due to the fact of control lag. If that was improved, it would have a higher rating. But, still, good job.

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Been done before with better code.

This would be a polished enough shooter in a sea of polished shooters - on the upper edge of decent, with an acceptable degree of variety in the weapons and enemies to keep me entertained for at least a few minutes. A lot of people have done that before but you don't do it badly.

The thing that ruins it for me, very simply, is the way that the game lags, and the way that it suffers from lag. With more than a few enemies on screen it starts to slow down, but I didn't initially realize because all motion on screen actually stays very smooth: For some reason the only thing to suffer is first a moderate to horrific input lag from the keyboard, and for the worst congestion from the mouse as well. A game like this is impossible if our character does not respond to the controls. I have no idea how the hell you programmed it to happen like this but it's unacceptable.

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Quietly poor

Nothing new, I alredy know that comparison are hateful, but i have the same and better, playing Pixel Purge. It needs to be improve in very differents ways.

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Becomes sluggish, otherwise OK!

The further on played, more sluggish the game becomes and starts to "queue up" mouse and keyboard commands. eventually becomes unplayable because of that - a pity. otherwise good!

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3.63 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2010
2:19 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place September 16, 2010