Dawson College Massacre!

September 8, 2010 –
September 17, 2010
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

After thinking this over for a while I feel that the existence of the game is hurting a family that doesn't deserve it. Game or not it has reached the family and they are of course upset. I hope in removing the game from the net I help them get over the game and the pain it has caused them. I wanted to draw attention to the dark reality of school shootings and somehow make a game out of it, I never stopped to think that it could really hurt someone out there. To be honest I didn't care what anyone thought of my game till I heard her mother was upset over it. I will remove it for her. I just want to say sorry to the victims family, I hope you can move on and put this behind yourselves.



What happened to the girl who was killed and the 19 who were injured in that shooting was completely unfair. Then again, there are many unfair things.

You can play grand theft auto, call of duty even halo but god forbid you play an even tamer game about some school shooting.

The fact your all acting morally outraged will only increase this games popularity ten fold.

I'm a bit a surprised to read in your authors comments because you said to have had no intentions on offending anyone when creating this game.

Because everything about it screams i want to cause some controversy but at the same time you were holding yourself back to avoid offending anyone.

I hate to say this but you can't have it both ways.

Your timing was a little off because the year it happened would have been a perfect time to release your game and give people enough time to get over the shock.

The fact your both four years late and the first to make a dawson college shooting game to get exposure in the mainstream media makes it all the more shocking no matter what you do.

The game seemed pretty much to be an attempt to make something within the horror genre.

It had some gruesome deaths but it lacked an atmosphere of feeling trapped and the only way to make things right was to destroy my tormentors.

You have to remember that even respectful works created based on school shootings also pissed people off.

Remember super columbine RPG?

The gameplay was not that great in fact if there was no school shooting it would just be another obscure flash game that happened to be violent.

you didn't know this was going to offend so many people? i saw my friend gunned down in front of me thank for making a game out of her death. jespere que tu meurs dla meme facon

Being a student who attended Dawson College at the time of the shooting and being someone who left from the entrance the shooter walked in 5 minuets before he showed up, I can NOWHERE near find any sort of amusement in this game.

Schools are to be safe places of learning and glorifying a person who went into a safe place, shot 12 people and killed one person (she could of been saved, but he chose to shoot her multiple times at close range because her boyfriend was trying to protect her and get her out) is unthinkable.

Just on a technical note, the graphics are horrendous and the game play makes it a joke.

Even if this was a random shooter, I would still blam it.

Whats the difference between make Dawson College Massacre game and make Nazi and other war game? I think its the same thing!

not only the game is pretty.... suckish but there's just nothing to understand from that. just plain nothing. and those who defend the game, if something like this happened in YOUR school, would you still defend the game? would it make you a sensitive guy? no , not really. there ARE event that you just cant forget, and leave a mark forever. if you would have wanted to understand gill thought.... internet is full of information.... but a game? ._________.

Graphics: 7/10
I took in to consideration of the minimalist pixel style you used but you got docked because I couldn't see the damn cops bullets! (then again you wouldn't see them in RL so i suppose...) And your dude felt like he was slideing so the animation wasn't too crash hot.
Gameplay: 5/10
Very very simple... Not even remotely realistic and I know it's an arcade shooter but you could at least provide some challenge by makeing the victims move around a bit. Unless Canadian teens are that complacent about school shootings that they will just sit down and continue lunch while the hail of death rains on them...
Lulzfactor: 8/10
The subject isn't even remotely funny but you scored so high because well... this got nation wide bites and old media attention so a troll hat has to be tipped in your direction.
Overall: 6/10
I know you wanted to get a message out and add a somewhat fun but brief time killer to the end it. But I feel you really aren't doing the victims any justice by adding them in to this mediocre shootemup. You could have done better.

In all fairness, I think the author of the game is being overly berated for what he has made. Understandably, people affected by the situation previously will not appreciate being reminded of the event. However, from my point of view at least, the game does not appear to glorify the event, and the horrific ending when killed by the police shows that one does not come out of such situations well.

Also when one plays the game, they have the choice of whether they wish to fire at students or policemen. There is also no 'winning' this game as far as I can tell. Choice appears to be the main point of the game rather than simply killing.

Compare this with games like GTA where players are happily rewarded for murdering in the masses. Although those games aren't based on any specific real events, the point is that people play these games to experience situations they would not in real life.

That said, I do think the author should have made it more clear about his intentions with it prior to all the controversy. And hopefully it was made with better intentions than what many are accusing him of.

Let me get this out of the way first- this game is sick. I don't care if you made it to try and, "Inform," of school shootings, but all you've done is create some sort of joke, like you were trying to make something like this fun. And the game itself is godawful.

You've made a joke out of the shooting. This game totally glorifies the shooter. Your initial intentions were never to "inform" people of the reality of school shootings, because there are many other, more effective, ways to do so, such as making a web site or writing an article -- anything but this. I understand having the right to free expression and all, but have some decency and delete this. You've been asked nicely by the college, now show some respect for those who were affected by the shooting and for the girl who died.

As for criticism? Your game is shit.

dude delete this! this is wrong in so many ways ur bringing back memeries that people r trying to forget

Seriously its just a fucking flash game on the internet, theres been alot worse to come on this site like the game ''tax time'' based off the event where a man burned down his house and flew a plane into the IRS building. if your offended by this then just fucking leave the internet.

High school shooting games are the greatest, kudos to you for making this and I feel sorry for all the people who are offended, not because they are offended but because they're too stupid to realize it is a game meant for entertainment purposes only. Anybody who DOES get ideas from a game like this is obviously fucked in the head and do need serious help, however I highly doubt it will encourage anyone to do anything. Shit, Columbine Massacre RPG was fun as hell, and I wish this game were a bit longer...

You have potential in flash and I look forward to seeing more work from you, hopefully something similar some time. :)

great game man keep it up I will vote 5 for a whole week. you can make any game you want. games that allow you to play as a Nazi, taliban or gangster are dumb and insensitive and should all be removed from circulation!
maybe we shouldn't stop there and eliminate all war games as they all support conflict and killing; this is completley insensitve in our modern society. offensiveness and insensitivity should be how we decide all subjects, after all it isn't as though those things aren't subjective in any way!

Current Score: 2.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.015)

What i find so contradicting about people complaining about someone making a game about a school shooting and it's immoral Bleh bleh bleh. What about those guys who play games like Call of Duty and what not. Are those games ok and this one is not? If those vets from WW2 can talk they would say the same thing how can you play those many people have died/ or when you watch a Movie about a True Murder story puts all those Neigh Sayers in the same place. For all the complainers in who complained I just stuck your own foot in your Mouth.

If people payed less attention to this it wouldn't be such a big deal. There's shit on the internet way more offensive than this. If some dumb ass wants to make a game to live out his sick homicidal fantasies, let him. Just because one person wants to do something "immoral" doesn't mean everyone has to freak out. If you're gonna bitch and moan every time you find something offensive get off the internet. I'm not saying what Virtuaman did was justifiable, or that i agree with his actions in any way, I'm just saying get a fucking life or find a real issue to deal with. Don't waste your time with internet scum.

Also, congratulations Virtuaman, you're an overnight internet star, but next time you decide something like this is a good idea, promote it through 4chan and keep it there with the rest of the fucked up shit on there. No one ever seems to care what goes on there.

I care more how the victims who were terrorized and injured felt in this tragedy at Dawson. I don't give a rats ass about the sick monster who pulled the trigger. You claim that you wish to bring attention to the issue but it backfired completely. The horrible guy responsible is wrongfully glorified by this game. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but you didn't have any in the first place.

This is garbage and your long winded explanation is powerfully lame and unconvincing. I wonder how the DeSousa family would feel if they stumbled upon this? Actually, I don't have to wonder, because I'm sure they'd be pretty damn upset. Just admit it, you're a prick.

And if this gets deleted for being "offensive" boy would that be ironic.

Actually scarface, it's not the only reason. I was there. I went to dawson at the time, I was in the atrium, I saw a bullet fly past my friend's face narrowingly missing him only because his girlfriend pulled him back, it's not just the media. We all hated the media for making the huge deal about it that it did, and the fact that we couldn't walk into the campus without being bombarded by the media, espically on the year reunion, and every reunion since. One just passed 2 days ago and once again you couldn't open a paper without being reminded of it. We just wanted to forget about it, and stop being harrased about it because it was a horrible tramatic expirence for all of us, but people won't let it go! This game is offensive, and the fact that your "promoting" virtuaman it doesn't fucking help. Leave us alone, and no, if we were more prepared it still would have happened. It's easy to say that in hindsight, but you have no idea, so don't even fucking try. And gang fights and shootings happen often in montreal, so it's not that uncommon the he was unloading guns or whatever. Why don't you try actually knowing a thing or two before making accusations.

oh is so greate game dawson massacre high school
thank virtuaman 5 star greate game action

Not a great topic, but a great game. The only reason, and I mean ONLY REASON that the media is shitting all over this is because of the sensitive topic. The media will do anything to get a good story, even if it means destroying the reputation of a great website because of one game that they "disapprove of".

Back to the game, the game play was great, the controls smooth, and the graphics actually weren't too bad. I liked the fact that you had infinite ammo, but what would have made the game better would be a health bar, continues, extra lives, power ups, saves, and some sort of scoring system.

But, all in all, this game was well put together. I can tell you put a lot of time into this. It's a shame nobody is willing to notice.

Yes, twisted. To have even begun to think about making such a game is twisted. Your "author comments" are you trying to save face, when you know very well there can be no rationalization for your insensitivity.

Imagine someone came into your house and killed your whole family, and a few years later it's made into an online game. Players are urged to "kill as many family members as possible". Then the author has the gall to pretend it's for the sake of being "informative". Get real.

If you want to inform people, write an article, make a documentary, or write a song (like The Sound Approach did). What you did is wholly offensive and nothing you say will change that.

I expect you do not have a wife, girlfriend, or children -- or indeed anyone about whom you care. Otherwise, you would have not made this game. You can rationalize and intellectualize all you want about "why" you are doing what you are doing, but at your core you are sick. Very sick. I sincerely hope that you are shut down and that you get help for your voyeurism. Even if you don't have a wife, a partner, a girlfriend, or children, I assume you have a mother, and I am hoping you love your mother (or would want to love your mother). So, would you want it to be your mom whose sights are in that rifle? Would you have wanted it to be your Mom who was at the mercy of the Dawson College killer? You would get a lot more publicity (forgive me, I'm assuming that is what you are seeking) if you did the right thing and voluntarily pulled this from circulation. To do less is to consign you to the place at the pull end of the rifle.

There is nothing informative about killing and you are risking the fact that some people who are less sane than you will use this to take the next steps to reality. Pray it is not someone you love who is caught in that "reality". I pray it is not so.

The sound effects of the student victims help drive home to any normal person that this kind of act of violence is horrific. I do with the student's acted a litte more realistic and started to run and panic when you started shooting. i think I'd personally have a much harder time playing this game if they acted more like real people, which I think should be one of the goals of games like this. Including the writings of the shooter so you understand the motivations of the character you're about to become are important. This is clearly not a game made to shock or hurt, or glorify, it's an honest attempt to examine an ugly situation.

I'd like to see a sequel where you have to play as one of the victims. I think that would be chilling.

Damn that was fun. I don't know why people get on their period about such a thing. It's not like your supporting school shootings. Just poking fun at them.

Le jeu est pas tres intéressant. Les images sont de tres mauvaise qualitée, les sons ont trop de gain. il aurait été intéressant d'avoir plus de niveau, pouvoir se cacher derriere des objets. d'ou la ma note.

Pour le monde qui disent que c'est pas correct, y peuvent bin continuer a se bourrer la tete de Britney Spears pis de 50 cents. Y'a des choses pas mal pire que ca. Dit toi que le gouvernement se met + de 50% de ta paye dans les poches, ca c'est dégeulasse, pis personne dit rien.

I love the digitilized version of "a tout le monde"

I am from Montréal.

I am not offended, this is a fucking game and it's not a bad one at that.

I dislike the fact that people get all uppity over this so-called massacre (last I checked, the correct word in both french & english was homicide for a single death, not massacre). People kill other people everyday, it happens.

Meh, decent game, bad graphics but still interactive.
Kind of a slow game.
I don't give a SHlT about what everyone is crying about, but still it was a bit mean I guess.

FYI, just heard on the radio they are going to arrest you. Not kidding, heard it about 30 minutes ago.

I'm from Montreal myself. 2 days after the 4th anniversary of the tragedy, I discovered it. Disgusting. Even not able to do anything, but this is a fucking idea. Badly. I don't know for you, but would you like anyone here creating a game with you to be the killed guy? I wouldn't think so. I wouldn't do it for the respect of humans.

This game shall be removed RIGHT NOW. Newgrounds, please remove this game, on the name of more than 3,3 million of people living in Montreal or in a city surrounding Montreal. Yes, 3,3 milions and maybe all the Québec.

I cried the day of the tragedy. This makes me super-angry. If this game is not removed fast, there could be a riot!! And I'M VERY SERIOUS. For the respect of Anastasia De Sousa, the woman that was killed in this tragedy, PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME.

I really admire that you took the guts to do a game that shares a tragic story like this. I disagree with people that say it's offending. I'm from montreal and I admitt that what happend is awful, but you only recreated the story so people would know what this is all about. Shouldn't be deleted. The game ain't bad in itself either. Even newgrounds says it in it's motto: EVERYTHING by everyone.


This is fucking horrific. I cannot believe that someone could be so evil as to release something like this. The fucking controls are abhorrent. Moving and shooting is next to impossible.
You get a point for recreating the location faithfully rather than turning the game into a side scroller.

The rest of you, stop your fucking whining. It's just a game. Just because it's based in reality doesn't mean that is a recreation of the said event. People have the freedom to make whatever they desire, even if their invention is sick and twisted. Don't like it? Don't play it.

I don't give a fuck about the controversy shit one way or the other. But it was a kinda fun game to kill a couple minutes. I like the animations of them dying, instead of just falling the exploded, it was pretty cute lmao.

I'm sorry but this is not art. Most definetely I'm sorry but making a game in which you play a real school killer might not be such a great idea (to say the least). Even if you pretend it was in an effort to inform. But there is an enormous lack of respect when you see the heads of the students exploding like that. And you are not discouraging any of this when you say that : '' Life is a video game, got to die someday''. Even if it's not your words, you are responsible for bringing it up in that way. I could go on and on but I think you get my point.

If you want to make entertainmeent, then do it. If you want to inform people, then do it. Don't mix both, you clearly showed you don't have the sensibility it takes to do that.

You guys are complaining over the fact that he made this game, but what about all the other movies and videos etc based on other school shootings, as far as I know, the most idiotic movie that came out based on a school shooting was Polytecnique, I mean...it's just a game but at the same time for those are too sensitive etc you should realize it's just a game regardless. I give it 5 stars for the effort..but yeah you should just change the main character and scene, but don't let anybody stop you from creating your own originality!

pour le monde qui chiale accause de ce jeux, revenez en...il y as pleins de films baser sur des fusillades d'ecole, Le pire film je crois a date c'est Polytecnic..pourtant un jeux cest moin pire? entouka j'avoue que c'est platte qui cest arriver en realiter..mais c la vie..des choses comme ca arrive partout dans le monde, il y as des pire choses qune seule fusillade.

I am appalled by the mere idea of putting out a game like this. Personally, I find the the idea of a gratuitous killing plot rather disgusting... but, I try to keep an open mind: If its purely hypothetical, I guess I can accept others liking this kind of game. But using a scenario that has made so many people suffer is DISGUSTING. I will NOT believe the author doesn't have the imagination it takes to at least INVENT a fictional scenario...

The web is a public space where we are allowed to share a lot things. But as in all public spaces and for the good of the online community, some things _must stay private_. You wanna code a game like this ? Fine ! But keep it on your computer. Publishing it like this is morally unacceptable.

I am certain the author will find it in him at least to remove the true names and replace them with imaginary ones not refering to any real event.

There are two ways of seing this game... One would be as a tasteless idea and bad statement. The other would be as a SIMPLE GAME.
Of course, this massacre is still fresh in peoples mind, so this might be why it is not welcome. Just like MoH is having huge criticism right now since you can play as a Taliban and kill american troops...
Keep in mind folk that this is a GAME. It might be of bad taste, but isn't shooting a gun on the BackStreet Boys of bad taste as well for a video game? We've fight for freedom of speech... This is where it gets!

I did play the game and for a low budget game, I actually was impressed. You got cool animation skills, even with such low rez (the way blood falls, we he commits suicide, etc) It is a bit basic, but works fine :)

Maybe you should redo the game, but write your own story instead of using a school massacre. I know it makes publicity, but bad publicity isn't always a good thing ;)

you're a sad little person. I hope you do not experience the horror of a school shooting. your insensitivity is incomprehensible.

I was on a bus going on a school trip to Stratford (On.) with my classmates when we all started receiving text messages telling us of the horror and fear of our friends just a year or two older than us at Dawson. We felt so helpless; we were hundreds of kms away and scared for the lives of our friends, and older siblings. Can you imagine sitting in class, or microwaving your leftover pasta and then moments later witnessing a friend being shot in the head right next to you?

I just want to speak to the naive who think this game is insignificant compared to whatever else.... You do not need to compare the event of a school shooting to anything at all to know not to create a game re-enacting it.

Is it worth it to have your game posted, knowing that it has caused pain to so many who were affected by Gill that day? What's the point? Pretty telling that your biggest fan and the one who thinks this has some artistic merit is some dude called "professorpussypenis" You ramble on in your comments about understanding him and trying to prevent this, but WTF does your game offer us in that goal. You invite us to "have fun" trying to waste students and cops.
People were TRAUMATISED, thought they were going to die, someone did die, and you make a fucking game of it?!?! This is real life kid, do you understand that?? Real shit happens outside your basement. There are consequences to what you do. Have you heard and read reaction to your game by those who were there that day? Do you fucking care??
Now, I'm a tolerant and open minded person, and I believe we all make our share of mistakes, so I invite you to correct yours and remove this game ASAP. For the sake of the victims of Gill, do the right thing. Do that, and I might have respect for you.

Nice Game :) i'm a King At This Game
I Love It ;)
I never do that for real , but for the game very good idea
made with cheap budjet lol
but very nice bud


I don't mean to sound smarter than anyone, I do not prone this type of massacre but we all live in a free world. We must learn that this is the past and go on. Yes it's sad that someone was killed, 19 others injured, many were traumatised. Life goes on! This guy did not have much to do on a summer evening so he made this game. Big deal!

They made a game for the Columbine tragedy, they made a movie about Polytechnique (wich is even worse to in my opinion) This is without speaking of George W Bush killing thousands of innocent victim in their country....

C'mon people... as I said, I'm far from promoting this type of game / activty / subject but there is alot worse in our society.

VIRTUAMAN: I think the best you can do is delete the game?! Just a suggestion... :)

nb: I'm giving you stars because i'm neutral... Did not even try to play, simply thought I should give my two cents!


I was one of those who "froze" to let Kimveer Gill use me as "target practice". There's nothing better to help getting past a traumatic event like that than someone making a video game where people get to try to kill me. I understand where you might be coming from by making this game, but you should consider how much pain this game can cause.

To those thinking of playing this game: how would you feel if someone pretended to be a person who terrorized and still terrorizes you long after and played a game where they shot at you for their amusement? There are better ways of learning about or trying to understand something like this than by reenacting it.

Hey man. I just wanna say, I go to Dawson College. I wasn't there in '06, when the shooting happened, I only joined in '08. But I just wanna say, this is one of the most caring, diverse, and friendly schools I've ever seen. The events of September 13th are not something to joke about or try to turn into a form of entertainment. A number of my friends had to lock themselves up in a room while a man with a gun was outside the door shooting at people. Have you ever had to go through that? Seriously man, this game isn't "art", it's assholeism. Shock value no longer makes entertainment.

... I really hope you'll just come to understand this one day.

The 2 stars are only there to give you credit for your animation, but in all honesty, you should try making a game that's more tasteful next time. You've got potential, don't use it to make yourself look like an asshole.

I simply love a tout le monde

Critical flaw in the game: It implies gill had the balls to take on the montreal swat team and their p90's (which he didn't). Instead, he pussied out like hitler and killed himself.
The music was well done but the game was way too easy and not all that inventive or visually pleasing.
I was hoping at the end it would say RIP de sousa rather than gill which might have redeemed this thing slightly.
It's a mediocre game seemingly created for shock value and it's not even entertaining in that respect. I don't think this guy deserves to have a game made about him because he was selfish piece of shit who killed a friend of mine. Killing an unarmed teenage girl is clear cowardice and faggotry and I'm glad he's dead. If only he could have suffered more.

Yes, people are going to hate this, but what form of art doesn't have its detractors? By turning the brutality of a real shooting into a pixelated game, you make an ironic remark on our own society. We don't care about shooters emulating various wars, but make one about a taboo subject and people will come out in droves to protest it. We need more people willing to cross the line and give everyone else the finger in order to display their art.

Here in the states ths story got little press coverage. Quite frankly, the game creeped me out. I did some reading up after playing the game, and you gave a pretty good profile of Gill. The gameplay itself? Nothing too earth-shattering. But unlike most who would post a game like this, to make fun of or glorify what one of these people does, that's not the feeling I came away with. I can't say I had fun with the game. I can say that it makes an event like a college shooting seem a bit closer to home. The takeaway message is that if a nutball like Gill wants to shoot up a college, there really isn't much to be done to stop it from happening, if there is no way to connect all the dots. So if that was indeed your intent, I feel you largely suceeded.

is it really art until it pisses someone off anyway?

i had to be honest, this game as you said before could be offensive to many people, it's obvious that having games that implies violence it's something common, having this game here would be the exception. So, not gettint supported?, i dunno, it's diffcult to say something like that, cuase at the end, people still buying halo, GOd of war gears of war, and they're still giving money to the creators, naughty bear, so squidly to be honest, SHUT THE **** UP Dude.

and you virtuaman, it was a nice game, but using the theme of a school massacre would be a litle more attractive being a movie instead of being a game. I Give you an 8 for the entire animation, and by the way, It makes look for the case.

I think this was an interesting way to bring up a historical event. These are things that people should know about. As our society grows more and more violent we become desensitized to events like this.

I didn't even know that this shooting happened. I think you did a great job bringing some interaction to the story and providing a historically based view of events. Well done.

Mmm mmm good.

Good work!

Depending on your point of view, there were at least 2 student deaths... but that's besides the point.

Honestly, there wasn't enough actual violence in the game imo in the sense that it was basically just a simple shooter then a bullet-avoider afterwords. The static student sprites also just made it feel like target practice... or was that your intent afterall?

The intro/outro are too long and can't be quickly skipped, there's no mute button, and it needs more levels. Otherwise, not bad.


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2.55 / 5.00