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Festival du Film de Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
International Film Festival "Festival of Festivals"
CinemadaMare - International Film Festival
Anonimul International Independent Film Festival
CARTOON CLUB - International Festival of Animation Cinema
International Festival of Multimedia Art «Multimatograf»


a wonderful, sad saga

this might not be epic, but this hits the heart like a ball out of the ball park. Not the best animation, not the best acting, but hey, who gives a rat's ass? this is a sad, true saga that even happens today.

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A 2 for effort. Not sure how people just give away 10's and THEN admit that something wasn't perfectly done (after all, 10 out of 10 is perfect). The voice acting, GOD awful, the animation was C- work at best, and the story was, well, kind of crap. Sorry, did not like this at all, but apart of my opinion, was nowhere deserving more than 5 stars.


i dont care what other people say, so the animation wasn't amazing. nor was the sound dolby digital 5.1. who gives a damn. this was pure emotion. i was moved by the story. i hope, believe and pray that people understand what this was ment to be. an awakening. understand the flash was not made to win an oscar, it was made to enlighten us to the fact that death in the world is a statistic. until it hits you where it hurts the most. HOME! loved every second of this. thank you.

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The animation is nothing special, and the voice acting is awful, but this cartoon still manages to project powerful raw emotions. With some more work, this could be a truly powerful piece, but as it is its just not there yet.

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Baw humbug

Badly animated, terribly voiced, all too typical story and it just leaves me wondering how it got so popular.

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
4:34 PM EDT