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Festival du Film de Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
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CinemadaMare - International Film Festival
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CARTOON CLUB - International Festival of Animation Cinema
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Very special video. And sad too. I just wonder. Why did you make it? Is it based on a real story you know about or is this actually a story you have heard?

The shop owner seemed very nice and sympathic.

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ehem,sry to say this but...........it kinda sucked because the voice acting i couldnt even hear what they were saying and the animation was crap sry.(btw it didnt make me sad because the crappy graphics and voice acting)

Good Video

Damn this is the first video that made me shead a few tears seriously

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Dedicated to the people that are just statistics.

to others. That was VERY well done story-wise. Its one of the many that focus on life, and what we make of it. It did actually make my jaw drop when I saw the Bunny and rose by the grave. You did very well their. I would think this would be for someone you loved, but it being dedicated to a select few makes it on a personal level for us all.

The animation was done well! The walking could use some work but I liked it. Secondly yes, the voice acting was bad, but with a story like that I could handle it. Giving it a two (I'm talking to you Belong.) is far to harsh. I don't know if this is on a personal level for the author but to no point did it deserve that. In-fact take a look at what you've done Belong... exactly... So for you to rip on this, kind of dis-respectful. Also to say the story was crap, no it was good, a bit common but it did get to the point and the point made sense.

So I appreciate your work. Thanks for this, and the people though they may doubt it, thank you as-well.

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Damnit you've made me sad

This is a beautifully sad story: that's why it gets 10/10.

With a bit of work that score could also be for a better quality show as well.
I personally love the message at the end, too few people make the connection between statistics and real life.
Improve the quality and make the voices easier to understand and this could go far!

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Sep 8, 2010
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