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Festival du Film de Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
International Film Festival "Festival of Festivals"
CinemadaMare - International Film Festival
Anonimul International Independent Film Festival
CARTOON CLUB - International Festival of Animation Cinema
International Festival of Multimedia Art «Multimatograf»


Pretty and sad

A very pretty animation, really well made. The music was touching.

I don't think you needed the extra part where the man reads the story in the newspaper - the next scene explains what happened well enough on its own.

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Interesting... And touching.

The style, which might be a problem for some, delivered a rather childish point of view, which serves the overall ambiance of the story.
The voice acting could use some work, this is true, but I believe this is a translation, in Ukrainian language there certainly should be more... power to it.

A touching animation indeed, and which can touch eveyrone, which were, at a moment or another, a statistic to someone else.

Thank you.

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great flash, but...

The voice acting was horrendeous, either use a normal english speaking person for the voice acting, or speak ukrainan with english subs. 7/10 3/5

A Treasure Within Itself

With just a single line, you've done something that so many others could never achieve; you've seen beyond selfish need and thought of many as one instead of one as many.
"Dedicated to the people that are only statistics to others" says it very nicely. Whereas most people only think of themselves when it directly affects their lives, you've taken a true story and wove the tale well to remind us that we're not the only ones that exist.
For that full stars and I commend you greatly for at least trying if nothing else to bring a unity to those that may not already have it.

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need refining

good story and plot yet refining is a must... get the voices be heard audibly and lines on the art... let this be a point on concentration of you want to refine it

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
4:34 PM EDT