Glory Days

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Hello everyone, ArticGhost here!
This is the first chapter of the Glory Days series (The Fall Of The Protectors).
You probably won't understand the story by watching the first chapter, but soon the next chapters will be release. A cool & short stickman animation, with "camera", "3D-like", and professional animations and sounds effects.

The story will become clear soon!
Please Review.

Until the next chapter,

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Try Prince of Persia's musics..also..

it would have been btter if,after the slow mo,the action became bigger and faster,like those normal stick fights...good for a short,but for afirst part,u could have made it bigger...overall,very well animated,the music was a bit off with the context of the all situation,but it was entertaning...i liked it :D change the speed,like make super fast after a slow mo scene,and the music,and make the 2nd part bigger then this one,and it'll get an awesome score :D


I agree with juliodeniro that the slo mo and music were wrong for this.
I think Outlet is being ridiculous with his rating just because "its another stick animation", if its good then don't worry about what kind of animation it is.

I thought it was a little short for a first part, the slow-mo really made it more boring and only served to make it longer, which its not that long to begin with.
and the music really didn't fit a sandy desert slow-mo fight...

you have some nice parts but just try not to overdo it in the slow-mo and music...

I'm truly annoyed now.

This flash was great, 8-worthy, but I'm just really annoyed with all the stickfigure animations and games appearing recently, and to give this is an 8, would allow anyone else I've rated down on because of the continuous stick figure stuff to start hating on me. 6/10, 3/5.

Hah, good ol' fashioned stick action

I really liked this submission. I could've done without the slow motion parts, and the music is a bit too much for it, but the overall result is quite enjoyable.

Good work.

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2.69 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2010
6:23 PM EDT