BattleShip: The Beginning

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Battleship. The beginning┬╗ is a classical naval strategy, in which the player tries to sink the hidden ships of the computer, which has the developed battle tactics. The game is made in style of the 16th century naval battles, and is imbued with the spirit of the battles of that time. During the game you can advance in ranks, buy different kinds of weapons and receive bonuses.

The game has been devloped by Oleg Yakuba.........


Nice Graphic

... and that's it. The entire concept is stolen /copied/ what-so-ever from the original BattleShip. No new ideas (except for 16th century ships).

And sackboy is right, I played 4 times, no chance to beat the all-knowin AI. I prefer the real BattleShip more, sorry.

cool game

but the computer kicked my ass..I blame myself

pretty annoying

the point that its like the AI knows where you are and the point where you get an extra shot if you get hit/hit enemy ship is not the battleships feeling.

Half and half

I'll give this a 5 out of 10 since it's half-and-half. The excellent half: the graphics, the sound, the animation, the campaign map and the ability to level up. The not-so-excellent half: it's not quite clear how to turn your ships when setting up, or how to put them in diagonally. Also, I have to agree with the two people who said chain-hitting takes the suspense out of the game. It does, so it should be disabled on the first few maps and only used as a 'power' later on. And you know, this IS Flash.. how hard is it to go get the classic wmv of "Aww sis, you sunk my battleship!"

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about AI

I can assure you that AI has no more knowledge about ships than player. It just uses Monte-Carlo method to maximize estimated damage after shot (and tries to shoot chequer-wise).
If the computer blows up many your ships in one turn, use against him barrels. They are made for this purpose.

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2010
8:27 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery
  • Daily 5th Place September 3, 2010