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Author Comments

this is a work in progress

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holy shitballs!

this just done changed my mutherlovin life! FOR THE BETTER!!


RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

OMG TheBoogley! thank you so much man haha

now i wish i finished this


great job brother

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

thanks man

Oh shit, Mom!

I really liked this overall, but one thing in particular held it back. And judging by your author's note, it may be solved in the future. Anyway, about the Flash. The humor was pretty good throughout, (I'm glad I watched all the way to the ending), and I really liked the voices throughout. Especially the giraffe. The animation itself was decent, though I wish there had been more of it. When the color first left I didn't mind it at all; it just seemed like a different animation style...which it turned into.

After the change in style, (around the first black out, actually), the lack of color, animation, and original character design started getting to me. I think that the Flash would be a lot better had these not changed, as you had established earlier in the movie that you were totally capable to producing something that was drawn, colored, and animated well. What kept me going was the fact that I liked the humor and story displayed at the beginning, so I figured it would still be worth my time by the end...which it was.

I read the author's note after finishing the movie, which is what prompted me to write this review. If this is a work in progress, I really want to see the finished product. I think that with a little more time you could make this into a great Flash. And if that was to happen, I would be definitely be interested in seeing a "The Who Had Awesome Things Happen to Him For A Year" series.

Keep Flashin'.

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

Thanks for the in depth review!

Part of the reason why i just submitted this without finishing it was because some parts just seemed slow if you know what i mean. I can't really pinpoint them but there's a few parts in the flash where i kinda want to click out of it and watch or do something else. And i hate animating things like that.

I guess i have to just work through it if i want a nice finished product, though. From now on i'll make sure to only submit finished stuff cuz this is kind of bothering me now haha. Maybe i'll finish this one day.

Thanks again and i'm glad you liked it!

The jokes hit pretty hard.

You gotta be pretty fucking smart to understand this type of humor. But if you are and you do, then roll the fuck out of my bed, and make me some breakfast BITCH!!!

This flash has so much blah blah blah! If anyone puts an X on this review I'll come to there living quarters and deliver a pizza! FUCKK OFF ME!!! I told myself to fuck off cause I love this flash

good night Rianbow.

ps 10/10

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

this is the best review i've ever gotten

Oh wow!

This is a funniest Flash movie I have ever seen. At the middle of this cartoon it's scribbly. At the end it returns to high quality form.

RainbowRiderAlpha responds:

that was ricky's idea ;)