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A Robo Western

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Sheriff Bot confronts One Eye, the most dangerous outlaw in the robo west.

This was my final piece entry into the TOFA 2010 flash tourny which i eventually won.

Though not as good as "Bear Bear" (to me and a few others) it still holds its own for 18 days work.

Big thanks to my Voice actors, Skark and Tomamoto for helping out on my entries for the past 3 months. It's been a blast working with you guys~

*Edit* Front page and daily first~ Thanks for the continuing support Newgrounds!

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Quite entertaining!

I must ask, why exactly were they robots? This is basically a story about a criminal in the old west, it could of worked exactly the same with humans.

Such is the way of the West. People die by extreme barbaric ways. We've taken their lands, and in return they take our viscera and spread it across the desert lands.

This was great! Loved the animation and voice acting, and I eat this cheesy western shit up! Only thing, I personally didn't like the Sherif's voice, but that's minor. It was kinda endearing, I suppose.

nice film man keep up the good work

How did deadeye kill an entire town?