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Basically I made this game, it is a map loader. it takes in arrays of numbers and stuff to make a easily loadable map that can be very big and load very fast. It is not much of a game, i have here basically the first level.

WALKTHROUGH: Controls: (EDIT: ARROW KEYS) to move, SPACE for weapon, ENTER for menu, SHIFT to talk to people (SPACE when talking for next speech). Go to top left building, talk to Mom. Go to top right building, talk to Blacksmith. Go back to top left building, talk to Mom. Leave city through arch in top right corner, go up and talk to Brom in building. YOUR DONE. pro tip: click on equipment to equip, then on the weapon/broom thing terrible drawing then click on the sword/bow terribly drawn button on the left

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This game is full of blank yellow screens. It is an unfinished demo. Next time, finish a game before submission.

10/10 4 stars 900/900 5 stars


maybe you enter the game. you are asked to do something boring, like finding some bread at the market. But when you come back, BANG. Your village has been destroyed!!!! And in the middle of the rubble standing there with a villainous grin is.... well some sort of bad guy, and he says: "this is the beginning!" and teleported
to the magic world ahh screw it!

look on the internet for some short stories and try to make them into rpgs, but remember to credit them! ANYWAYS the game itself isn't the best, but it has potential

eaganr is the man

I have no idea what Alphx is talking about because this is the best game ever. The soundtrack was amazing, the graphics were amazing, the characters were amazing. I felt emotionally attached to mom and the blacksmith. eaganr is the best. He is also extremely good looking.

This game is the best thing I've ever seen

I want to make love to my screen when I play this game. Graphics? 10/10. Gameplay 10/10. Story? 10/10. I feel that this game could revolutionize the internet itself. Whoever you are eaganr, I'm sure you'll become president someday. President of video games that is! LOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL. Dude we have school tuesday.............