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Epic Fail 5 Points

Get all 4 small items' prices incorrect.

Perfect Pricing 5 Points

Get all 4 small items' prices correct.

Plunko 10 Points

Score $0 on the Plinko board.

Retro-Great 10 Points

Score $21,000 or more on the Plinko board.

Fantastic 25 Points

Score $30,100 or more on the Plinko board.

Spectacular 50 Points

Score $41,000 or more on the Plinko board.

Author Comments

Another labor of love. A fun, quick game. There's a bunch of medals in there, hopefully, and Newgrounds users can compete to hit the high score board!

Once I get enough complaints, I'll throw more stuff up here. For you non-Americans, all prices are in American dollars.

Edit 1: Yes, Plinko is mostly a game of luck. Look it up on YouTube. And some users have asked to be able tp drop the chip wherever one pleases. Since the Plinko board is basically a giant binomial distribution machine, it would make very little difference in the end result to have you guys drag the chip anywhere you want. Trust me, I've thought of this stuff.

Edit 2: Fixed a bug, resetting the high score board.


Good game, but please...

The game itself is alright. The only thing that I have an issue with is the physics part. Yes, we get it. It wouldn't make a difference. But, in fact, it would. putting physics in it and letting the player choose EXACTLY where it fell would mean the dropping it in exactly the same place every time would give exactly the same results, which is how it would work in real life. There is no true thing as luck. Now, if you acknowledge this, there is no problem. I think I speak for a lot when I say that although physics would be awesome, the game was fine without them. However, when you say that it wouldn't matter when it clearly would, therein lies the problem.

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I always get all of the 5 chips when I get to the part where I drop them. No matter where I throw them 1 in 5 only goes in the 10,000. It's dumb if you ask me, there is no way to get all 5 in there. Maybe tkeek it so that there is a spot where you actually get it in?

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It's OK, I guess...

I like the idea of the game. But my gripe is the animation of the Plinko chips themselves. It's was very dull and not at all like when you watch the the game show itself. The real chips are similar to a pinball in that they bounce and ricochet off the pegs. And at least the real contestants had more of choice when placing the chips.

Some minor change requests

I'm not going to talk about the purely random nature of it, as others have already done that at length I'm sure. I do, however, have a few more reasonable requests.

1) Could you put all the Continue buttons in the same place on the screen so we can more quickly click through?

2) Since those of us who are after medals will be playing this game hundreds of times, could you have it skip the animated intro on multiple playthroughs? By the twentieth game I'm pretty sure I know I'm playing Plinko, no need to keep announcing it.

3) I keep clicking on the number rather than the phrase that says "the first number is 6." Any chance of making the numbers clickable too?

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Physics, Physics, Physics.

Let the player choose EXCACTLY where they want thier chip dropped, and then make it a physics, and not luck based game from there on out. I would look at the game Sushi Cat as a good reference to what YOU should have done with this game. Overall, though, you still did a pretty good job and the game had an authentic feel to it, and I LOVED that it actually used my newgrounds account name in game, that was cool. Achievments were nice, but really not related to skill in any way, so they're not really worth much. Beyond that, I would suggest adding a "sandbox mode" where you get unlimited chips that you can plink to your hearts content.

pacdude responds:

Considering that after you release it, the chip still takes its random bounces down the board, physics wouldn't make the game skill based. The game is still a game of luck, physics or not.

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2.71 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
11:01 PM EDT
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