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WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl

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The top-secret Brawl character roster has been leaked!

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Looking back at it, it's somewhat accurate to what Smash is nowadays. However due to the overuse of the F-word (and knowing how most people say it's offensive), people would understand that this was an animation, and a product of it's time

I'm not saying that this Flash animation (or the jokes) aged like milk. Some of them aged like fine wine, especially with what characters that have been confirmed for Smash, or just there as Mii Fighters (or just modded in Ultimate with custom moves, or in Project M/whatever Smash hacks or mods are out there). Though, as stated before with the f-word, but knowing this came out in 2010, I'll give this a pass.

To put to short: Jokes are a bit dated, but it's funny to look back at for a much simpler time.

here we are in the future,where you can now fight banjo and kazoie as steve!

Even if it's been so long since this and Brawl, it's still really funny. All of these characters should have been in it. Also, CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL!

Hahaa! XD

soccer is for faggots!