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\- Random Collab 2.0 -/

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Don't ask me why I deleted this originally. I don't know how I did it.... It was an accident I SWEAR!

OH the Random Collab 2.0. How much this caused me insanity. What wonderfulness has been added and taken away and messed up. What started as a simple task became a little more than I could handle at the time. Thanks to Steak for finishing it all up. This collab should have had more parts, but the participants decided to get WAY to random. And by random I mean random stage size, frame rate and flash versions. Making their parts not compatible with the final version. So to those who didnt make it... sorry? Anyway, this is what you get... enjoy it and kiss my grits!

To see all the parts that didnt make it go to the original thread:

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1160052

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I tihnk the first one was better , as well this one is funny but kind of...Dunno , not-so-well-made...It isn't bad , but it isn't GREAT either...


Turned out pretty well I reckon...
But how the hell did it end up at 906.8KB??? And I suppose the audio publish quality could have been a little higher...
I liked it anyhow... thanks FNR and Steak ;)


I loved it! Good job.

not my cup of tea

random=/=funny. I don't know why absurdist humor has become so commonplace recently in television and on Newgrounds but if I had to guess it would be because it's not very complicated at the base levels for the viewer or the creator, but that doesn't make it funny. if you want to do absurdist/random humor correctly at least take a note from Monty Python or even Tim and Eric. The point of absurdist humor isn't to be as random as possible, it's to be as funny as possible while having non-sequiturs and other surreal, illogical, and unexpected occurrences.

That being said, the collab isn't funny. I personally didn't find anything funny but you could just say that I'm being way too picky or that I don't have the right mindset/sense of humor but I honestly didn't see anything here that I found particularly amusing. Other than that the animation is just meh for the most part. All that being said I'm sure there are going to be people who love it despite its inherent flaws but whatever.