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Alien Hominid - Dress Up

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- Update: Added a Preloader
- credit to Zach (pezzo) for the Preloader
Dress Up the Alien Hominid with all kinds of different things.
I want to give thanks to Tom Fulp and DanPaladin for making Newgrounds
what it is today and for creating Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid.


It's not bad, actually. It's the design that worries me. I've seen tons of dress-ups before. I've seen a Sonic one where you can make your own character. That one is my fave. (no offense)

Good One buddy! :)

i loved it

Alien hominid always fun

I am interested in these styles of game-works and i like what you made for us here today, while not perfect it still brings a sense of fun and entertainment, so you have done well in my books, if i find anything to help improve ill suggest it soon enough. You have a Swanky flash here,its fun aswell as being, an outstanding submission. So notbad on the idea of alienhominid dress up but with this one there was just too few of "ITEMS" and even on the artwork this needed some more effort the art style seemed sloppy, and could use more shades and linework, more detail. I do like the large view screen but with too few items its just not enough, so two things you could work on this one would be, more items, and more detail in the artwork. but other then that mentioned this was notbad at all. And so with that said keep up the good work it was a pretty decent work of flash, the game gave me some good entertainment value, and with some more effort and some changes here and there, more options and just more overall effort this can be an even better flash game then it alreaty is, I have posted a few ideas i hope they help to improve on this so good luck, and i hope to see improvments soon, or in the near future.

So some ideas for improvment are always a plus, Now ofcourse you dont want to take anything away from an already decent game, and dont want to take anything away from the effort you have already put forward, but there are a few stuff and areas that i saw, You just have to put in the time and effort and remember the Little details is what can make it a great hit, and if not its already an alright game ai it is. So ofcourse more items and as i mentioned in the review the "ARTWORK" could use more detail, and more attention with shade detail and so on.

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I put a Burger on his head :3

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2010
7:20 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up