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I made this game a long time ago, and never submitted it anywhere.
The game patiently waited for a sponsor, but after waiting a very long time
I decided to publish it as is.

I believe this was started December of 2008. Enjoy.


Great Game

Good game. It has very simple gamplay and can get boring after a while, but for the short time I played it, I loved it. PS, I managed to get the high score on Difficult!

K-Guare responds:

High scores are local. ;)
But I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review. <3


add some pornz and point for exache plaes tnks okay now will play...Crunk!!

K-Guare responds:



I personally thought it was pretty fun. I liked the difficulty levels, and kind of wished it had continued on past the 'enigma' level. Very much like mastermind, but that is ok. I dig that game. I liked the simplicity of this. A couple of suggestions though:

1. Options are always nice, I would rather be able to mute the music in most games, and I am sure some people would like to mute the sounds all together.

2. Extend it, there is no reason to stop at enigmatic. Well ok, so maybe there is a reason, but there is also a reason to keep going.

3. Allow us to continue directly to the next difficulty level after winning the current one (given of course we are satisfied with our time and score).

4. After it said loading voice I was a little disapointed when there was no voice.

5. I kind of get the feeling that it would be a bit nicer (if not distracting) if the 'voice' taunted the player a bit. I mean don't make it a complete ass, just get on our case when we do stupid things.

I would say a high score table to compare with others would be nice, but in a game like this I am really less concerned with how others do than I am with my own personal goal speeds. I did notice that sometimes the blocks didn't pick up clicks for me when I was switching to the next block. And there were a couple of accidental double clicks on the submit button. Though in a timed game adding a delay there might not be so good. Overall fun stuff, great style. I can dig that with an 8/10. Good play, and keep up the good work.

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K-Guare responds:

Thanks a lot for the suggestions,
I really appreciate your in-depth review!
Glad you enjoyed it, so thanks for the 8 :)

Good, but

not worth a 10. It's too unoriginal. I just felt like I was playing Simon Says, except without being told what the buttons were at first. It's puzzling, and just puzzling enough to be correct, but it's not truly worth a 10, nor a 9. But this is something 8/10, 4/5 worthy. I will always thing your work is awesome, K-Guare. I have played all of your work.

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K-Guare responds:

Thanks for the honesty. ;) I appreciate the 8!
I will always think your hyphenated
username is awesome, U-Gamer.
Lol. ;)

I enjoyed it

The way the game is put together makes it click with me. The music set the right mood, the art was done in the right way, and the concept was good. Now the concept isn't original and it could of gone the wrong way, but you pulled it off. This proves a point that a concept doesn't have to be completely original to make a good game, it just has to be well put together.

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K-Guare responds:

Yeah, as you can see by many games out there
a well done game doesn't have to be original, just
prepared well. I did my best, lol. :)
Thanks for reviewing!

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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
4:36 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other