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Mouse: Click on the correct description of the word displayed at the top of the window.


This is the first completed game/interactive that I've completed, so please try not to be too harsh. This was created as a project for English class. There's 20 questions, and at the end it will show you your score in percentage and a letter grade.

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I enjoyed the idea behind it. But it needs more. Instead of simply giving me an incorrect, highlight the correct definition so I don't have to go searching for it. Also add a counter in the top of how many questions there are and how many I have left. About halfway through I gave up to see if there was an end. Also make sure the words are spelled correctly. I mean misspelling things in an english test. Really.

All in all a great concept, clean it up and it will be a good game.

A misspelling on an English test?


Hucota7 responds:

If there's any misspellings, it's not my fault. I copied and pasted the information from a list of provided words and definitions.


I'm glad to see that from time to time someone cares about knowledge (or just brings his homework to Newgrounds). I'm not an English native speaker, so I learned a couple new words. Thanks. 85% is still not that bad, though.

As for the flash itself, it could use some work. For instance, a small introduction would make it look much better, or even just a menu with a play button. Some background music/sounds wouldn't hurt either. Also, you should've made the definitions unique for each word, to make it somehow harder and more interesting.

Sorry, I couldn't push my vote any further than that. I try to mantain my professionalism when it comes to voting.

Good luck.

Is okay

this is an interesting game, but you are not 'graded', and you can easily change our answer and it will say Correct!! every time. also, there is no title screen.
Just some use pieces of advice.

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Aug 17, 2010
4:32 PM EDT
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