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SBC: Moon Mission

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Yesterday EJR and I decided to make a game for Clock Day. Much like a Game Jam we made this game in like 1 or 2 days. So keep that in mind. ;D

Happy Clock Day!

W- Jump
A- Run Left
D- Run Right
Space- Interact
Left Click- Scroll Through Text
UP and DOWN Arrows- Dig

Anyway enjoy this quick little mini adventure and have a nice Clock Day.

PS: The more you click on Ads the more EJR and I love you so yeah.

If you have any bugs or complaints, PM me or something.


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Would give more stars if i could buy more parts, but it was a cute and awesome game.

Great Clock Day 2010 game

This was solid game you guys made for Clock Day 2010,i got to say that i really loved the animation with it's pixelated style and the design just looked fantastic,the game itself was pretty simple in doing trading to build your ship for Strawberry Clock to get back from the moon so it didn't last too long but it did look great and i think you guys did a great job on your contribution for Clock Day 2010. =D

Not my cup of tea.

It really shows that you two worked on this for two days, there wasn't much to do at this game. It was just collecting items at no cost and then going back for another task. Granted, that's what many adventure games are, but unfortunately this one did not have anything that was appealing and distinguished it from another game. I also had a glitch where I could not talk to the clock who sold the spaceship parts after I had collected all the gold, so I don't know if it's possible to finally "beat the game" unless I took the wrong approach upon it.

The music and animation were good, but that was all I can graciously say I liked about it. No depth or atmosphere was traditionally what I felt the biggest flaw was, simply walking in a circle with no difficulty. The only challenge in the game was digging the treasure, and after two times of that it got repetitive. The constant repetition made the game dull overall. I'm a fan of both of your work, but this game did not live up to par. Good luck with future submissions.

Happy Clock Day 2010!

It was a rather enjoyable game. For some reason, I couldn't interact anymore with the clock in order to get the ship parts. Regardless, it was fun to play. I found the random quotes of the Dwarfinator pretty funny as well. Good game!