[cd10] Return of the King

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The voice of Newgrounds progressivism lays down his manifesto for taking Newgrounds forward in this exciting new decade.

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Happy Clock Day 2010, old friend

The yearly ritual of me reviewing your CD flashes has arrived once more.

Thanks for the shoutout there. Can't believe you think I'm still awesome, with all my M.I.A.ness. TF2 seems to agree, it just gave me a medic mask while I was playing a bit between CD saves in the portal... a day after I crafted the medic mirror... woooot!

So um... yeah. More Cat Dynamics would definitely be an improvement for NG.

More unicorns with dicks for horns, eh? As long as there's also an increase in dragons with swords for dicks, their natural enemy in the wild. Wouldn't want one population to outstrip the other, no?

jonthomson responds:

well, yes, it's an ecosystem that needs to be carefully managed, you don't want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg


This is one of the most informative flashes I have seen to date. Your extensive knowledge is astounding, and should be praised!

jonthomson responds:

yes, it should. thank you for taking the time to mention that.

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1.80 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
6:38 AM EDT