Potboy's Adventure

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Potboy is about to start his great adventure. He will tramp over hill and dale to make a wish come ture. What is his wish about? You'll know that when you help him finish the great adventure.
URL:http://www.freegamesw ow.com/games/potboys-adve nture/
Arrow keys to move. R to reset the game to the beginning of each level.

Enjoy the game. And for any problems, please inform me.
Sorry for the bugs. I've replaced the old version with a new one. Please try it.


This game has a bug where if you lose on the second level the screen turns black. The difficulty could be lower.


It looks like you may have a new original character on your hands, even though he will probably not become that popular. It is good that now you spread your submissions out more. That being said, this was still an enjoyable game because it had a simple premise to it. I was certainly not expecting the screen to get that huge with all those things to jump on! At least on those levels you did not have to worry about the red guys touching you. I would think they would be killable if you touched the red shade.

The complaints about this game are mostly the fact that it is very hard! On the largest level with the blocks, there were some blocks that simply did not even exist. Whenever I had to go on a moving platform, I had to move along with the platform. I guess those are just glitches that should be sorted out eventually. Some music would be nice too.

i am haveing the same glitch with the white screen

also when you land on the horizontal platform you get pushed off the back when it starts moving.

Nice grafics but..

...you have to fix the bugs first.im looking forward to play this game without bugs;)
3/10 because of the graphics

Good but....

The game is good but i couldn't get past level two because The right side and bottom of the screen turned white. i refreshed the page to see if it was me but when i got back on level two, it was still there. so now i can only see a top left view of the game. would of enjoyed it more if i kept playing. =/

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2.48 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
7:18 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG