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[KK] TF2 In A Nutshell

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I believe that this is a sweeping, accurate depiction of the general feeling and characters of TF2.

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not at all tf2 in a nutshell

Charcoal125 responds:

yeah it doesn't have hats or gay ass cosmetics

with that it would be the compleat



I am sticking to my previous score for the same reason. I must have violated some sort of rule that is not mensioned in the FAQ, so i will show more care in this review to ensure that this review cannot be deleted for some fault in the message.
I took a good long look at your videos, and it shows a pattern. Weather or not this is your intension, i will bring it up once more.
From viewing a number of messages/reviews, i have come to the conclusion that this is another of the spam videos posted by the infamous "kitty krew", i am not violating any rules here by saying that you CAN do MUCH better than this, but you refuse to. After all, there are many in your group, so this SHOULD be something more...well, that's just it: more. I have seen flashes by single people, not a group, but one person would make a flash that is worthy of a 4.00+ score. I will be impressed enough if you can accomplish a decent flash. I admit, i have not made one, but i know that with all your videos, you can do better.

oh fuck

This is by far a masterpiece this is 1 work of art i love the part where that guy says fuck you to the panda and the panda gives his dad an lj