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Rapture's Best&Brightest

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Working Title: "Rapture's Best & Brightest" (Trailer)
Time Spent: 9 days; 6 for drawing everything, 3 for animating

First flash evar! I wanted to hold off on my Bioshock project until I had everything planned out and actually knew how to draw well, but my Flash/Photoshop class made it clear that it looks like I'll be making it as I go!

Expanding from a Bioshock Tegaki RP (roleplaying with drawings, interactive comic book style) that kinda died out. Will be seeing if I can contact the other artists if they'd like to join in with this effort-sorta with their respective characters.




Additional Help:
Mr. 12
My sister
My professor
Random people who provided company and feedback

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I liked it but it lacked in some things that i think are important to good flash it was to short and you didn't give enough background for the people who haven't played bioshock before so next time (If there is a next time) try to put more backstory into it so that the people who haven't played it wil at least have a clue as to whats going on but otherwise it's an awsome flash well down for your first time you might just make a very good flash animator keep up the good work this sounds like their could be a follow up flash if you wanted that would be really cool
P.S You got me interested in the whole she's not who she says she is could you explain that to me maybe


are u really kidding me that was something! or ?


I would say "What the fuck is this? This makes no damn sense", but I never played Bioshock. So until I actually play the game, I won't understand what just went on here. Great animation though. :3

wow amazing

what a work of butefull art i cant desraibed what i fell 5 out of 5 bravo ;D

"Rapture's Best and Brightest..."

As soon as the music started playing, i knew this was going to be awesome... And it was.
It may be a bit short, but thats what it made this small clip so beautiful.
It had atmosphere, it had nice voice acting, and the Music... Oh shit, the music.
BioShock is made out of small moments, that take your breath away, that make you think, that often make you feel something bigger and greater is going to happen, and this was no exception... The ambient here bears a strong resemblance with what i always thought would be the Pre-Apocaliptic Rapture: Calm, smooth, classy... Just like your clip.

Kudos my man, it was awesome.