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Assault the line

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Author Comments

Command your troops to assault the line. I plan on editing the game to include many more areas, and a much tougher AI. The sprites were public domain thanks to pillbox phill.

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Shows a TON of promise

This is an extremely good idea for a game, there are just so many issues and hard pieces of gameplay missing. But if someone did this right, it would be killer.

Good luck

Not bad

Game has potential, just needs to be worked on some. One thing I noticed that hasn't been covered in previous reviews is that when soldiers die they just poof from existence, adding something to signify them being defeated would up quality a bit. This isn't game breaking though. Other than that, just keep at it.

's got potential...

.. but requires much improvement. Most importantly, you really need to work on the difficulty curve.

The first wave I only just beat by using the apparently sole possible mix of the number of grunts and johnnies. The upgrades didn't work in the beginning. I would put money in it but on checking the unit's name on the left the old stats would be up.

After that, it became too easy. Cash flow increases so much that it's possible to upgrade several times each round as well as recruit many more units. I suggest increasing both upgrade prices and opponent strength for each round.

More obviously, the game would definitely improve with more types of units, different types of enemies (which require a different approach for units chosen), and as you say more variation in the background/set up of areas.

robogobodo responds:

Yup thanks for the response i plan on working on all of that.

nice game :)

nice concept and very original...
but you should give some more units to produce, and more backup and defences for the enemy.

i got through the whole game using just grunts but it was ok so im giving it a 8/10
and 4/5

robogobodo responds:

I agree i'll be adding units to both sides of the line.

Somewhat glitchy.

Some sprites tend to stay in position; especially the johnny in the selection screen; in wave 3 - he was stuck into the wall!.

Now for the scoring.
-2 for a glitchy game.
-3 for uploading a game that feels unfinished.

+1 for an easy to play game.
+2 for promising to keep developing it.
+1 because this game has potential.

Final score - 4/5
Good luck!

robogobodo responds:

thanks for the comment, i'll make sure to look into those glitches.