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In Another Castle

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Author Comments

One of my first public animations, and its most likely not my full sprite potential, but hey! I'm still learning. The animation is very basic and took pretty much a course of 3 days to compile the whole thing.

As much feedback as possible will help a lot!

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"That was absolutely funny!"

Even though this is your first official submission on Newgrounds, KoshiSushi, but this one really showcases your pixelated sense of humor. I'll be looking forward to what you do next. I give this short Mario parody a 5 votes up!*

*That's Newgrounds talk for "2 Thumbs Up".


very funny

Good stuff, nut shots rule

Alright, good start. I agree on the overplayed joke, but other than that it's solid as snake, and the voice acting is superb. The writing is the only thing I could say you may some work on. It's still a little early though, I look forward to seeing your next submission.

7 for Bowser's nut shot. That made my day

but otherwise......it's not that funny. The voice acting was great though. Just keep going.

shit's weak

The joke is 25 bloody years old, for gawd's sake, dude... People have been complaining about "The Princess is in another castle" since a decade before you were born. Well animated, terrible usage of said animation.

KoshiSushi responds:

I'm aware that this joke is very old, I've had this idea for a long time, but never brought it up till now.