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The M.U.T. Ep: .825

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[Edit]: mkay, green highlighty thing, I can live with that! 7th place! whooo!


So after a while, I've decided to start animating again. This will serve as a "Re-introduction" to my characters and to flash.

I really hope u enjoy it, and if you do, I will make more (but actually scripted, and funnier!)

Story: There isnt any to speak of, other than slight commentary on how it's hard to entertain the overly-aggressive Newgrounds viewer.

Thanks for watching!

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Very very nice

Funny as always, I don't get the red tint that appeared a couple of times...but overall this was awesome, nice touch with your supermodels :P Also not to start anything with other reviewers but I think that the background was very appropriate for the subject that you covered in this one, though with different subjects different backgrounds might be called for...so yeah...Keep doing stuff and stuff. :D

ZeroXTAD responds:


I can handle the truth

Hilarious, the animation wasn't perfect but certainly good work. Same with the voices. the characters themselves seem diverse and interesting. The only thing that really needs work right away, try to create a actual background for the next one. Hope to see more soon keep it up.

ZeroXTAD responds:

Hey thanks for the honesty! I'll try to touch on those points for the next one!

Gotta buy a better d@#n microphone, lol

Thanks for watching!

Great Work!

Glad to see the series making a comeback. Only thing I noticed was a little layer sork in a spot or two. Other than that great stuff!


I rather enjoyed this video! Coolio might be my favorite lol I also think you should add a different background~even if it was just in front of a brick facade or something it could liven it up a bit. I definitely enjoyed the comedy, I laughed quite a bit lol Keep up the great work!


I've never seen this series, but I love this little animation, witht the characters realizing that they are characters, it goes to a new level of metacognition, and awesomeness. I can't wait to see more episodes.

ZeroXTAD responds:

Hey thanks! U got something out of this i didn't even plan on, but still, glad u enjoyed it

I can't wait to MAKE another episode!

Thanks for watching!

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
2:20 PM EDT