The New Suited (pilot)

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EDIT (August 16 2011) Suited just one the "Best Animation" award in Hollywood (Los Angeles) at the ITVfest 2011!

It's the New Suited!

This film was fully made in flash, so no 3D, no After Effects, etc. So sit back, put on your 3D-glasses, and eat your popcorn! (wearing 3d-glasses may not result in anything at all)

Oh, and there are plenty of parodies hidden in this film. Can you spot them all?


Many thanks to all the people who helped making this episode! After more then 5 months of developing and animating I stayed sane thanks to you!

Directed and Animated by: Niels Beekes
Voices by: Eddie Bowley (Eddache) and Alison Stark
Additional animation by: Arjan Dekker (jack-mace) and Sam Green (master-samus)
Additional design by: Pixelcake and Ginny Higerd

(more detailed credit list at the end of the film)

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This was awesome, lol that guy is indeed a hero a lucky one lol who needs to have muscles when you have the lucky hero gene lol :) Nice Work

Yepee a pause button, something that many animations dont have. :)

@JazLyte - Write a paragraph reviewing the thing, maybe a few lines. NOT A BOOK!

+ if whoever reads this agrees


Very good indeed! Something you'd expect to see on a children's TV program or something.

Television-worthy. That's not saying much though.

I'll start off with the good points, because there's plenty. For one, I commend you on the huge effort put in here. This is LONG for a Flash movie, and I know coordinating multiple animators from across the net must take some real patience and skill. The graphics were very clean, and to be honest, I would damn well not be surprised to see it on TV. It had everything it needs to be on TV, I'm not sure if that was 22 minutes or not but it felt like it. Overall it's a very professional-looking project and well presented.

Yet I feel compelled to ask WHY you made this... It's kind of a dumb question, because cartoons don't need a reason to exist other than to entertain people. But this... This cartoon could explain to the untrained eye in 22 minutes exactly why the animation industry is so fucked up right now... This has to be the most soulless cartoon I have ever seen on NG... I see stuff all the time that's not nearly as well presented as this, sometimes with terrible graphics and horrible sound quality that I shocks me with how funny, intriguing or outlandish it is, and yet you had this team and chose to use all its power and time to create something with no personality or originality whatsoever.

It's just not funny. The jokes aren't clever enough for me to nod in agreement or dumb enough for me to actually be forced to laugh, they're just there, and their delivery is slow and predictable. I'm not exactly NG's top comedian, but to my knowledge comedy is supposed to catch you by surprise. The characters are just what's taught in the bible of generic internet comedy, one character who's competent, one character who's not competent, and the Jar Jar Binks (the watch). I'm not going to be as harsh on the hidden internet memes, those don't bother me, it's the fact that they were so sluggishly delivered that does.

I don't feel like mentioning the graphics does much, because aside from the lack of fill gaps and clean lines, the art just looks like you didn't give a fuck. We're all aware of South Park's victory in the argument that art can be bare minimum if the content is juicy enough, but this is severely lacking in the care and thought that would have made these graphics acceptable, so now I have to judge them like everything else. I imagine your argument for having such minimal effort with the graphics is the length, but the length didn't do shit for the comedy and the graphics didn't either, in any capacity. There was NO frame-by-frame and everything was tweened very, VERY slowly. The drawing style is straight out of the bible of generic internet cartoons as well, the whole lineless blocks of colors so it's easier to hide cheap shortcuts in the animation. Well played, never seen that before.

I recognize that most things have target audiences, but even with a lot of mainstream stuff I can look at it and imagine something about the person who wrote it. I'm not saying it had to be a blackened art house portrait of your soul's torment, but even a person's strange ass comedy can tell you a lot about them. This cartoon seems like it was written by some automatic screenplay writing program where you just type in a few words like "spies" and "Warcraft" and it creates a script made up of hollow, derivative concepts stored up in a cache file for last-minute emergencies. This same cartoon came through the portal a month or so ago, same characters and everything, it was called "Wonders of the Universe" (portal/view/572764).

I congratulate you on the film fest award, I really am happy for you as the artist, I'm happy to hear about any artistic victories, but this cartoon kinda...upset me... and not in the way that the Boondocks or South Park would upset me deliberately with it's content, it upset me because it assumed a lot: That it didn't have to work hard or be even mildly unique to entertain me. This type of thing is why animation is regarded as "just cartoons", there's no art to this; strictly commercial purposes. Good luck to YOU, artist, in your goals with this film but that was excruciating for me personally.

aniforce responds:

Thank you very much for reviewing The New Suited Pilot in such detail.

There is indeed a lot of room for improvement and I'm glad you took the time to point out where you find that is.

Right now we are working on these improvements by writing scripts for new episodes. We have producers that are interested in the series, but for the series to become a succes, it needs work.

We had fun creating this film, but one of the purposes of this film was to learn from it.

The biggest mistake we made, was that we wrote it in a style that we thought was funny to others, not directly ourselves. That will definatly change for the upcoming episodes. We hope we can surprise you and maybe make you laugh in the future.

Again, many thanks for reviewing. We will definatly keep in mind what you said when developing the series.

Kind regards,

Niels Beekes

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4.40 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
8:57 AM EDT