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Look closely at each room to see where the Invizimals could be hiding. If you think you see one, aim the PSP at that area to reveal which Invizimal it is on the PSP screen. You need to capture a certain number of each type to complete the level. But aim carefully so you don't run out of battery. Capture several Invizimals in a row to increase your combo score with a chance of unlocking bonus rewards.

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this is a parody of a good game

a total parody of a good game

ehh, nothing special

how could you not put USA? I'm not saying we're like the best or anything like that, but we are kindof a major country. Also, its kind of boring and easy and not too original. Also, it may just be my mouse, but sometimes i would click on one of the animal things a bunch of times and nothing would happen

Fun at first, then boring

First off, NO USA?!?!?!! What were you thinking? I chose UK because I at least wanted English as the language, but still, USA needs to be on there.

Other than that, it's an ok game, but incredibly easy, and boring.
Not much to say about it, there's not much gameplay.
The noise is irritating after a minute or so.

Oh yippie-

Shameless advertising. I wouldn't mind if the game was any good, but neither this nor the PSP one are.