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The Contraption

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Click and drop the various objects to guide the ball around the stage and into the cup. Jump pads, conveyor belts, magnets are more are at your disposal. How you use them is up to you - there may be more than one solution.

Sounds easy right? Not so! Try different methods to solve each puzzle, but the clock is ticking.

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Not Far From a Good Game

Having a time limit on a game like this takes it from logistical puzzle solver to OMGWTFBBQ. Instead of encouraging actual thought, it forces you to spam your brain and put together random gizmos that make you want to put a bullet in your head. If that was the intention, you succeed. But just know that only a handful of people will actually enjoy that.

That being said, the puzzles are great and the physics of the thing seems to work out nicely. The game would've benefited from a checkpoint system. SFX are good. The look is clean. Very nice on that end of things.

So I would suggest a patch if possible, adding on the things that yetyay listed.

good but...

The game is good (even if the idea has been explored and explored again), the objects are varied and so the possibilities, but the timer idea is too much challenging: when the time stops, it is game over, and then we have to start again from level 1... the problem is that it takes time to get usd to the way the objects work (it is really lacking a tutorial), and thus game is over quite fast. After a few trials, I did not want to start over again, because the challenge is not worth the frustration...
I would propose:
- a tutorial
- a time limit only for bonus points
- the possibility to restart from the level you reached (or at leat checkpoints: I don't know if there are some, because I ran out of patience and thus I stopped playing after few trials)

This would allow the player to actually try different methods to gain more points (for the shortes path, or for the longest path, or wathever...)