Summer Roof Jumper

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This is our entry to the Game Jam! The theme was SUMMER HEAT! We worked really hard on this, hope you enjoy it! :)

Team Red Panda = Doondeka, LDAF, RooJames, Nayhan

We have finally done it! We have finished the secret Soviet project! We have invented a device that will intensify sun rays! They will through skin, through flesh... through anything. No human will survive the Holocaust! I do not intend to use it, but I do to intend to exploit it! The United Nations will pay big money to supress the usage of this device, and I will be RICH! AND POWERFUL! Nobody will stop me! I will demonstrate on Ryan's belt... Wh-wh-why is it doing that... It was not doing that earlier! It's entered the sun! It will not stop! It's getting hot... AAAAHHH!

Edit: a skip button and music was added... I think

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haha nice game

it is fun to play and pass a minute or two. but it gets old pretty fast, and the intro. its kind of, annoying as hell xD maybe its just me though.
the game is pretty decent over all though, nice work

Nayhan responds:

The intro is quite annoying. I'm glad you like it though.

should not auto scroll

it is so freaking anooying wen i fall a building bc i cnt fucking see it

Nayhan responds:

It has to auto scroll man. We should have changed the colours of the buildings though.

Perfect game mang.

I loved it.

Nayhan responds:

It's far from perfect but thanks :)

Just one, maybe two things.

Hey, guys. Don't wanna give u a bad score, so no stars, right?

2 Things to improve
1; When the character is moving faster make the objects smaller you know so you could see when to jump in good time.

2;Make levels so it gets more interesting to play longer. Another backgrounds another enemies.

This game looks like it has some work to be done with. No bugs that i've found so just keep adding stuff to the game and i will be happy to take a look at what u've got later ok?
Good luck game editor.

Nayhan responds:

giving it no starts is giving us a bad score :P lol. Also I don't really see the point of working on the game further, it was really good practice at the time but I think we'd be better of working on other things.

Some difficulty seeing background

I'm not sure if you intended it this way, but I have some trouble differentiating between the houses, and the sandy background

Nayhan responds:

No we didn't and yes I found that too.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
1:04 AM EDT
Action - Other