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Space Shoot Out

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This is the first game of SantStudios.com hope you like it and comments are more than welcome!

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It is a very simplistic game which has its perks on one end, but cons on the other. One con being the repetitive gameplay. It never changes up and you simply find yourself going left right up down shooting with an extremely annoying laser sound. Though the animation quality is very good, the sluggish feel made me simply want to remain in a certain corner rather than trying to shoot an enemy on the other side of the screen. A perk to its simplicity is that you appreciate the animations a little more than usual.

Good thing this has a highscore choice as it doesn't really have much in the way of replay value otherwise

is it just me

Is it just me because i loved that game!
Here are some things i liked:
-when you shoot the ship there is a really nice smoke effect
-you could submit your score
Overall, its just a good game

sant0715 responds:

Thanks for your review.

Here's a good rule to follow:

Don't use slippy physics! EVER!!!

The ship controls are too sluggish to get anything done. Fighting only one type of enemy is boring. There's no rising difficulty.

Animation's all right though.


It's an ok game but the enemies are too fast and it just randomly starts.


The game just starts, nothing like Instructions, or a menu-screen.. :/
And then, when you're dead you have one! xD
But hey, I still think it's a good game. Nothing really special, but for it's kind, it's nicely done.. :]

sant0715 responds:

OK, I added the menu clear your browser cache to see the updated version.