[RD10] Robocop Reacts

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UPDATE: 3/14/2013 - #16 all-time, popcornfarts.
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UPDATE: 10/23/12 - #15 all-time, GILFs.
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UPDATE: 7/27/12 - #17 all-time, wenches.
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UPDATE: 5/11/12 - #11 all-time, slizbutts.
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Robot Day marches on!

Here we have a Robotic Police Officer.
Watch as he becomes overjoyed with the festivities of the day.

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Wait...Did you animate this? What's the reaction for?

Ok, if I did break those review guildlines, here, let's try again!
This "video" is a split second repeat of a weird face robocop made. Wow, I'm not sure how this is funny.. I just don't.. Usually, a video is at least 30 seconds long, so there's some advice to start with. I'm sorry you feel I'm being a jerk here, but this just isn't quality work! Anyone with, I dunno.. maybe two minutes, could make this! It pains me to see projects with clearly so little time invested in them to be uploaded to such a great site as this one.

Punisher responds:

your opinion is much like your life.. utterly useless.
I pity your poor parents.

Find something else to do with your time. Also moron hes a cyborg not a robot, which would mean he would not have flesh but he does, so do your research.

I see no reason to give this anything above a no star rating, like you said was just for lols even though it wasn't funny at all and is just a waste of space.

Punisher responds:


"not sure what i'm looking at but i really like it"

Agreed. I'm a huge Robocop fan. Always have been.

Punisher responds:

I'm a huge Gamez1985 fan. Always will be.

not sure what i'm looking at but i really like it

Punisher responds:

I'm sure people get that reaction upon first meeting you.

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Jul 10, 2010
8:25 PM EDT