Turing Test

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EDIT 3: For those who were wondering, here is a direct link to the story this flash was based off of: http://qntm.org/differenc e

EDIT 2: Wow, weekly first?! Newgrounds, you are too kind.

EDIT: Wow Newgrounds, you never cease to surprise me, I honestly thought this movie was going to be a big flop, but you have totally proven me wrong. Frontpage and a bunch of really nice reviews! Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the feedback.

Now, I know this isn't what most people would expect from a "Robot Day" submission, but I thought that it may be able to squeeze into the theme, because, who's to say a chat robot doesn't qualify as a robot?

This was inspired by a story I read online (where you can find the story is mentioned in the credits). I liked it so much that I decided it was worthy of cartoon-ifying, and with Robot Day coming up, it was perfect timing. Now, I'm quite aware this isn't the most visually stunning flash you'll ever see, but time became an issue near the end of production, hopefully you will still enjoy it, and please leave a review. I do enjoy feedback.

Oh, and Happy Robot Day!



I liked it, I was ready for more and then it was like 'Fin'. I gotta say that you did a great job Jimtopia I'll be sure to explore some of your other work. The animation and the script was well done mate. Sometimes simple things are better fits so don't worry about it not being stunning.


Awesome !!! so scary :D and very good music for vid.... please make more !!

Epic story.

Amazing flash, although it wasn't too fancy in animation. The story just blew it all away...

I would give it a 9 for animation, but an 11 for story! Good job, man!

I like the visual effects (the scrollbar getting smaller with each chat entry, the lighting, zoom, etc) and facial expressions. Even though it was drawn "Anime" style, it showed a lot of feeling.

Again, good job! I would definitely like to see a sequel.

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so creepy and awesome at the same time, I wonder what happened to that guy. hope he's ok ... NOT


prity scary

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4.36 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2010
7:30 PM EDT

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