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Thanks for watching! I've been working on this project for years now, so it's nice to be finally finished with it :P

This music video is a story about a world ravaged by war and technology. The few remaining humans must gain access to a cave inhabited by an ancient war machine. The humans must break their sacred rule to never use old technology, and capture "Ultima Speranza", the Wandering Titan.

Hope you like it!

UPDATE (7/15/10): I'll be adding a "Extra Features" thing to the menu which will include the backstory for the world, the Titans, and the Humans featured in the video as requested...in a few days :)

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Just sad there wasn't more

As cool as this is, seeing the whole giant robot fight and all, who actually won? I thought the skinnier, steampunk looking-robot was the one we were fighting against, but then the golem-looking mech comes out of the cave where the water is supposedly trapped. I'm getting mixed messaging here, and I'm still very confused after re-watching it many times. Can someone explain what happened to me?

Other than that critique, fantastic job on the overall movie. I'm not sleeping tonight, I'll tell you that, and I'm probably going to drink more water than I should lmao. The atmosphere was fittingly hopeless and tense throughout the whole animation, perfectly complimented by the fantastic artwork and a background track that can only be described as horrifyingly eerie.

Simply stunning.

this is so cool