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Clay Earth

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Author Comments

This is animated on the same cooler as my previous entry, although after this it's going to need a thorough cleaning. I wanted to just work with clay and see what I came up with. Here's the result, a little molding into and out of shapes animation. Hope you like it! Let me know, Peace -Kevro

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Nice animation:

Animation; 10 / 10
Audio; 8 / 10
Content; 8 / 10

I must say that it was nice to find an animation that was not created on flash or after effects! Stop motion is certainly a difficult animation style but I must say you did an excellent job. The audio was okay, it did not intrude on the animation but served as a nice background for the animation itself. The content was a bit strange, but as this was a test I think that it was great. Very well done!

All in all; 9 / 10

Excellent use of the medium

Now try and get some jokes and see the knox-korner fan votes rolllling in XD Good job, appropriate sound.

Stop motion!

Hooray for stop motion! I like the effort you've gone to to make this. A stop motion movie that's well animated and made of clay. This must've taken you a good solid day of crafts. Can't follow what's going on though -.-