July 4 Celebration

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I decided not to finish this because it turned out very awkward and dissapointing but I still hope you'll watch it. This has something to do with 4th of July. I think I can relate to the story. I got music from Sergeant gutter, partners in rhyme, the batman, 28 weeks later, the boondocks, the new rockettes, and some videos. Happy 4th of july to anyone who celebrate it or other stuff you might be celebrating. Thanks for watching.


That was strange

I am glad that people make Fourth Of July flashes. Granted, this really had nothing to do with the holiday, but it's still a tribute. What I thought was weird was that it was just hard to follow with the strange way the characters moved with their lines and everything. I sincerely thought it was going to end on a more uplifting note. At least the sound clip from I don't know which of the things in the author comments was funny. I am also glad people are paying attention to the recession.

At least I was lucky enough to get a job after this flash came out. I guess you would know about handling money, given your name. There was some good satire when the sign joked about not actually having any jobs. I would know what it feels like to see hiring signs and have nothing come out of it. It really doesn't look unfinished.


it was ok but the noise it made whenever someone talked was pretty annoying.

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Not bad.... That was cool, except for some annoying noises ;)

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biIIgates responds:

thanks for the 8!

Um.. well

The animation was ok, I guess. I mean, it had some style, but the whole film was a bit incoherent. How did he survive the jump from, who knows, how many stories? Do his superpowers play some kind of role here? And was the ending supposed to be funny? Was the whole movie supposed to be funny?

Sorry, this short just made go - wut?

biIIgates responds:

I thought people would think this is funny but it did not turn out the way I intended...oh well. THANKS FOR WATCHING/REVIEWING etc.

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4.39 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2010
9:04 AM EDT