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NGBBS MidYear Awards 2010

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Author Comments


Hello and welcome to the NGBBS Mid-Year Awards flash.

First off, these are a couple of awards that were left off of the flash due to there not being any space.

= = == = = = = = = = = =

Worst Waste of a 30k post: Gagsy

This one's way too easy. Gagsy clearly had the worst waste of a 30k post according to 77.9% of you. I mean come the fuck on, she didn't even try. At least a good thread would have been nice.


Best Thread: Your Sex Life In 3 Pokemon Moves

Your Sex Life In 3 Pokemon Moves wins best thread of the middle of 2010 with 35.8% of the votes. A lot of you really seem to love this thread--maybe that's an indication that you all need to get laid or something. With only a few exceptions, all of your sex lives here can be summed up in the following Pokemon moves: Harden, Growl and Splash. The 2nd place winner for this category is the "Viva la revolution!" thread with 25.9% of the votes.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

A thing to note:

NG Radio Mini:

The NG Radio Mini was a new thing coded by Archon68, and I know that there are some bugs with it that just can't be fixed (at least yet). Just click randomize if a song does not play because it may have a faulty ID that doesn't exist yet. You must also click randomize if a song doesn't automatically skip once it's done playing.

= = = = = = =

* Also, all of the information is put in by me, none of it is automatically taken from their userpages. After a certain amount of time I will stop checking this flash for updates in their stats. The most I'll update is probably the levels or posts.

* Also there's a reason I submitted this on my alt. Things happened and I'm unable to submit on my main. Not even Wade could help me, but he said it was cool for me to submit this.


Lulz, laffs, and laughter.

I love you guys.

I agree with the entirety of this flash's results, so I guess that makes me an utter totalitarian. Still, had to laugh and can't wait for hilarity to ensue something in the near future - let's say, next year's mid-year awards? It's a date.
Commenting on the flash itself, though, I can certainly appreciate how hard you tried to make it seamless with the Newgrounds them (that is, the orange and gray of varying shades) - and for the most part, you definitely succeeded. The focal points were certainly reminiscent of Newground's portal, but some extra touches would have been much noted - for example, adding in Newground's relatively new grunge and line theme into the background. Just a suggestion, don't see anything like happening anytime soon, but it helps to state.

It's a shame that this flash received such a low score - one where my own voting power actually counts for something. But to be fair, the majority of it is inside jokes with the BBS - ones I'm certainly glad to have actually have gotten. This flash has reinvigorated my faith in that one day I'll become some sort of hideous creature that resembles my status as not being a noob. Thanks for that =D. But either way, I suppose I'll congratulate the winners while I'm here, reviewing a flash for no other reason then that I feel like it.
Also, congratulations on you for manually updating the profiles themselves - just as an idea, why not leave them as they are, to sort of "mark" what stage of their lives the members were at, at the time of printing (because "at the time of flashing" has ominous associations).

I've heard of most of the users on this flash, at least in passing, and it's kind of funny how most of the votes won by a landslide - it appears that while you can't separate the internet into various cliches manually, you can set apart some cliches and let individual users fill the spots themselves. Nice ideologies, great concepts, and I learned a little more about human nature.So another good thing about this flash, somewhat, you can easily interpret it to find out multiple levels of meaning and derisive concepts - yet another reason to give this simple flash a great big sloppy 10.

So ending off, liked the flash itself, loved the lulz, and looking forward to seeing anything else.
I usually have trouble keeping my reviews under the character limit, but let's face it - 200kb doesn't leave much to praise about.

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Well, I agree with a lot of these...

But I just wish I made it :|


About half of those go along with who I voted for.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2010
6:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other