Cream Wolf

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Hop in your ice cream truck and take left at Bizzaro Lane, cause Cream Wolf has arrived. By day you're a simple ice cream vendor, fattening the local girls and boys by serving up their favorite flavors. After dark, though, you become a werewolf. The fatter the children are, the more quickly they will follow you home under the spell of the moonlight. Bring them back to your lair and, you know, eat them.


Arrow keys - Drive your truck around / control the werewolf. Drive to the right from your hideout to get to town.

X key - Hold it down to play your ice cream truck's tune and attract customers. This may also attract the attention of cops or investigators nearby.

If you collide with a cop or investigator, you'll get busted/fined, lose a life and have to start back at your hideout.

When a child touches your truck, the Ice Cream Game begins (as long as you have collected at least one ice cream cone icon in the town map).

In the Ice Cream Game, a customer's order is shown above the selection box and in text at the bottom of the screen. Press X when the correct ingredient passes through the selection box to drop it on top of the cone. The right or left arrow keys control the direction of the ingredient dial. The more accurate you are with getting ingredients centered on the cone, the more loyal (and fat) your customer will become!

When you unlock more flavors and multiple customers can approach your truck at the same time, the Z key controls a second order in the Ice Cream Game.

On the night of the full moon, continue playing your tune to make the addicted kids follow you, then drive back (left) to your hideout. When you arrive in front of your hideout (with the icon of your face on it) you'll change into your werewolf form.

The werewolf is controlled with the arrow keys -- run into the kids to eat them.

M - Mutes music and sound effects.

Space bar - Pauses the game.

The game is over when you lose all your lives.



I thought this was good until i realised it was a campaign game. I'd like a randomly named city and a low difficulty. This does NOT suit a campaign game and the increasing difficulty ruined the concept entirely! Also you lose for crashing into a car when the car crashed into you which isnt at all fair.

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Cool and adicting

Great game its pretty fun keep up the good work.


finally a DECENT werewolf game on newgrounds... not all the shit we currently have.

Fun, but buggy

I really like playing this game. The only problem is that it glitches after I get more than 3 flavors or proceed to level 3 and my car disappears making me unable to play.

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pixels own

first off anyone who doesn't love the pixels needs to suck it ok not every one grew up on xbox360
second this game is good it's a little to simple and unrewarding tho good waste of time but nothing close to the game from these guys with the pizza delivery kid

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Jul 2, 2010
11:21 AM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place July 3, 2010