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One-way Wormhole

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Well done, you entered a one-way wormhole from the wrong direction. And your spaceship is too large to evade the opposing traffic. You'll need your blasters...

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Either he edited it accordingly, or you guys are weaksauce gamers. I got 11,700 (for those of you who are weaksauce mathematicians as well, that's almost ten times what Zilx figured nobody could possibly get) on my first play-through, and I don't even consider myself that good a gamer.

Seems decent enough to me. Needs variety, powerups, bosses. Have the enemies occasionally drop a POWER powerup, for example, that doubles your damage (or better yet, triples it, so you one-shot kill your enemies). Maybe a Health powerup that repairs any damage you've taken. A Shield powerup that renders you invincible for a certain number of hits or a certain period of time. A bomb powerup wouldn't be a bad idea either -- you can collect up to three of them, and press space to drop one, destroying all enemies on the screen for a few seconds and really racking up the points.

I'd also like to see some variety in the enemies themselves. Maybe have some that actually keep their distance and take evasive action, but fire weapons of their own instead of going all kamikaze. Make those worth more points.

The next step after that, though this would change the game mechanics a lot, would be to add some navigation, maybe with the WASD keys. Throw a barricade in your path, so that you have to move to the appropriate corner to avoid it.

Them's my two cents. Meanwhile, 3/5.

JochenKaercher responds:

Thanks to all who commented the game! I must admit, it took me by surprise that so many of you find the game too hard. On the other hand, some players have submitted impressive scores and already came close to my personal highscore. Seems this game would be hard to balance to please you all...

Cannot Beat

The game starts out really hard. The enemies should go much slower in the beginning and then get faster as you progress through the game.

To hard

i really think u should edit this game the enemys go way to fast. but its a good idea


Did you test play this at all before you posted it? It's awful. The guns are too weak, the objects fly at you too quickly and without enough warning, so before you know it, the game's over and it's only been 20 seconds. Graphics were sub par and the sound effects were less than ideal.


Ok, few things, right away, the things are crazy hard to kill. 3 hits and they move at that speed? Ill be surprised if anyone gets 1500 pts. Give the player some variety but make it so that the things that are harder to kill move slower.