Papa's Pizzeria

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Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone!
You'll have to take orders, top and bake pizzas, cut them to order, and present the finished pies to the waiting customers! Keep up the good work to earn more customers and collect Star Badges!

- Pizzeria sim in the Papa Louie universe
- Over 35 unique customers to earn
- Each customer has a favorite pizza order
- Multi-tasking between topping, baking, and cutting
- Bronze, Silver, and Gold Badges for each customer
- Highscore Board
- Unlimited gameplay

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A legendary classic that brought to us a famous series of very addictive job simulators... Had some time today, and decided to play it again... after around 5 years. Those memories... ^^

Great game for its time, but it doesn't quite catch up with the newer games. It's just too old and gets repetitive VERY quickly, I would never be able to get Papa Louie as a customer without losing my sanity. I guess I'll just leave it at day 14 xD
I'm excited to check out all the other games from you that I didn't look at before... I'm excited to see how the games have improved :D

Still one of the best time management games on Newgrounds, even despite this game being close to 10 years old.

Thank you for making these fun games that I can play while i'm school cause everything else is blocked, these are always fun and I can't wait to see what you do next :)

My first Papa Louie game - And definitely will not be my last! I love playing this game and I look forward to playing other games in the series! :)

Oh wow, went back to this game thinking I'd have a lovely little trip of remembrance of this game. Only to find it unplayable when compared to the others, at least for me due to how easily I get overwhelmed.

Well, as a first to a series, and when I first played this ages back, this game was quite great! Being able to make pizzas was so cool, even if the younger me never understood why some people would order toppings on only half or a quarter of their pizza. It was a fun game, one I never really experienced before, and it helped to pave my way into loving this little series that's grown so much.

Now though, I can definitely see how it's aged in just five years. Compared to the essentials that the other games have, like upgrades and customization, it just feels so clunky in comparison. It's hard to keep track of baking pizzas and what customers are coming in, and honestly it feels like they come in far too fast for how long a pizza takes. I usually end up getting five orders at once, unfinished and piling up. As such, it's really hard to get a perfect in this, due to wait times, or not knowing when the pizza has baked just long enough. Cutting is a bit easier to get, though it takes more time to get perfects, while toppings I seemed to get perfect most of the time.

The customers are all classics that we've come to love, even if some of them like Timm are hard to recognize when compared to his later appearances. It's always fun to see who was at the start of it all, and just how many there are now in comparison.

The art seems to have held up quite well over the years. Though it is a bit less refined, it still has that wonderfully bizarre and silly style to them that's recognizable as a Flipline game. The only thing that looks really janky is Roy's head behind the counter (It looks a little pointed) and the coals to the oven, which looks so weirdly rendered.

Music is well. It works, and it's not too overpowering so I don't mind listening to it. It's boring, of course, but it helps to keep you focused on the work instead of zoning out to the beats. Game is quite quiet compared to others, but then again ovens don't really make much noise so I guess it would be hard to make there be more static noises.

But overall, I still have trouble keeping up with the game's pace, which makes the game unplayable for me due to—as I said earlier—how easily I get overwhelmed. I dunno if the mobile version of this got any updates to the play, but if it did I would say it would probably be best to also import it to this version as well. Upgrades, a female chef, customization options, better wait times; just stuff that helps make the other games more playable, to help keep this game fresh and still relevant to the series.

Otherwise, as it stands, this game pales in comparison to the later installments like Donuteria or Pancakeria. Little options in the topping choices when compared to others, pretty much no customization options, hard to keep track of everything that goes on, no holidays to spice things up; it would be fantastic to see this game though come back with more options, more works, more stuff in general. But because that's probably unlikely, I have to give it a middle score.

Good for its time, not so good in the current time.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2010
10:01 AM EDT
Simulation - Job