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Doggy Style

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Rantdog's back. It's been awhile since we posted to NGs. We missed it - a lot.

Rantdog's been travelling, hanging out and going to short film festivals/cons. If a gathering of geeks can be more fun than the hordes at Atlanta, Georgia's Dragon*Con, please, let us know. The people of Atlanta are super friendly and know how to have a good time.

PS: we don't get paid for this Atlanta plug. We just had a good time. And, oh yeah, for three minutes at Dragon*CON, we had a very savvy audience watched one of our Rantdog 'toons. That was fun. They laughed, asked a few questions, but they didn't offer any written comments or rants.

So, watch Rantdog and Smash having sex, and then, please, bring on the comments. We read them all, and we always learn a ton - sometimes more than we want.

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Not sure what that was...

But it was kinda awesome, strange but in a good way. I am very afraid of what rant dog was looking up though, it must be nightmare full.


Rantdog finally gets laid, took him long enough!


Its weird how a dog with his entire bottom portion of his body can fuck a bird senseless like that........I learn something new everyday :D Maybe the reasons that most of us are still virgins is because of this.......Wait ill be right back, im going to cut the rest of my body off.......

Rantdog responds:



I guess Rantdog's secret is that he never over thinks things...... or thinks at all....
Oh, oh.. but in this 'toon he was wearing a condom.... that was in his contract.

wow lol

noticed that you respond comments- so how did you get people to do the sound effects?

Rantdog responds:

"so how did you get people to do the sound effects?"

I let everybody have a bit fun and always tried to say yes to good ideas - even if I know we can't use everything we record.

In the original script we had no big deal plan for Sound or SND FX.

Our voice actors, Mark and Cathy, are improv comedians, too. I always say yes to their goofing on ideas. We recorded an endless amount great sexyness and sillyness. I cut it back later. That's hard. There was a ton of material I wanted to leave in. But I also knew I didn't want us to make a hour toon featuring moaning and monkey sounds.

For the animal sounds, that's was from SNDs collected, recorded and created over the years by Dave our composer (and FYI our co-writer).

Later on, the sound is sweetened by our buddy Scott, our sound mixer.

In the end, we're all friends. With every 'toon, we have a rough plan but there is also an eagerness to experiment.


THAT must've been very awkward to record.

Rantdog responds:

Actually it was a lot of fun. Until the police came.