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Ilija and I put this 8-bit retrotastique game together over the course of a few evenings. It served as a nice coding distraction while we worked on something bigger, but we are happy enough with the end result to share it here.

The "standard" instructions ...

Put the pixels faces together as quickly as possible! Juggle the pieces as you assemble your face, mixing and matching in order to beat the timer, and gain a great score.

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move a piece into place. You score more points the more complete the face becomes. Don't slide a piece into a space that is already occupied, or take too long, or you'll lose a life. The timer gets faster, the decision time available less, as you race towards the finish line.

The more "complete" a face is, the more points you get! Clear the whole board for a mega bonus.


If you liked "Shaun's Big Lunch..."

Similar, but that just means that they're both good.

pretty good

There was just a few days ago similar game except there you pieced together pies and sheep ate them. I didn't really care much for that game but I've found myself to be addicted to your version. I'm not sure what it is in your game, I mean pretty they are pretty much same game. Maybe it's the graphics and theme of your game that is better. So yeah, nice addicting game. Good job.

addicting and catchy.

I was caught on this almost instantly, flying through the levels. then the soundtracks hit me, and I was hooked. I definitely have this favorited, and will play many more times.

good but..

it's pretty good, but it becomes boring in a short time. try to add other modes or achievements.

PhotonStorm responds:

Yeah we agree with your comment - it's something we would like to do, perhaps for a sequel with different faces, game modes, etc. But as a really quick build concept we're pretty happy with it! It's good to be different sometimes :)

Great job

I've never played a game like this before, it was like managing four tetris games at once.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2010
10:51 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other