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Blaziken vs Sceptile

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Being a Blaziken fan myself, I was happy for that awesome display, however it seemed too one-sided. I mean sure, Fire > Grass but they're both great pokemon. Smooth animation and DBZ sound effects make it great. play and replay aren't necessary but very convenient.


It was made nice, and it looks pretty good for a sprite movie, but why no loading screen or replay (well, technically its a replay, but its a loop)? It also ran slow on my computer for some reason, it giving it the benefit of the doubt by saying the movie slowness was my fault. The music is just the battle music from the game, so it fits. I give you:
Graphics: 8, its a sprite movie, but good
Sound: 7, its just generic battle sounds and the music from Pokemon, so it fits
Presentation: 4, no loading screen or replay, just a loop. At least it says to be continued.
Entertainment: 7, its short and sorta boring, but a quick little distraction, i guess.
Overall: 6

Not bad, not bad at all.

I'm usually not one for sprite movies, but you did a good job on this one. The sounds were pretty good too.

its cool

as i said, its cool and i like sprite movies, perhaps a preoloader could fit perfect cuz not everyone have good internet.

and, make it longer but not bad nice power effects =)

keep improving =D

Kind of boring.

It was kind of boring to me. There was nothing to really keep me hooked.