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Once again, a Physics project done with a character from Nazi Zombies. This time however, it's Nikolai, the drunk Russian.

Of course, it wouldn't be the same without the return of an old friend... and foe
The other two people with the project group didn't help with the making of the video. Instead they did the parts of obtaining values from the ride itself (after all, this is an assignment)

EDIT: Well, I guess I should clarify a few things. The requirements for the assignment was to present first the details of the ride we chose. This is why the start had this blueprint setting showing various of informative points. The next part was to describe the principles of physics that are involved with the ride, hence the kinetic typography in the middle. Final marking point was the sensation and how it relates to the physics. Well, the sensation was delivered through the Russians speech, hence its significance. If you get up too quickly, you'll have a head rush and perhaps collapse. Afterall, you've just been spun around. Dizziness can be associated as a part of feeling drunk which gives meaning to the second part.

After the kinetic typography ends, the project ends. The rest is simply filler and simply animation without sense.

Hope this clears things up


.... What?

That was interesting animation and the text effects were cool, but the humor was non-existent and I had no idea what the hell was going on.

It's like you randomly stuck a physics tutorial in a clip from a bad mobster movie. The delivery was just flat-out confusing.

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deathfun responds:

Well allow me to clarify then.
What I had to do was present details regarding the ride hence the blueprint part. The voice clips of the Russian are also not random, but rather demonstrate how one is feeling before, during, and after the ride. When he says "I am fast" then falls over, it indicates that if one were to get up too quickly from the ride, they would feel that sensation of being tipsy. The part after the Physics equation was simply add-on material to fill in time, so yes. Zero significance and I could see why you couldn't follow it.

As for the humour, some people find certain things funny while others do not. I can not please everyone in that sense

Its not bad.

Its actully quite an interesting clip. You picked great music, your animation was fluid with the equations. The "i'm a poet" joke there was quite funny. Your equations are correct, incase you were wondering if you made a mistake.

Some people I am sure would find the math and the how you explained it out very interesting. For this and above reasons stated, I would give it a 10.
However..the russian thing and voldka....I would have worked a great deal harder on that part if you wished it to pass muster. The animation was smooth..ish, but stale, as far as stick toons go. Too many close ups on our russian friend. Its hard to define any story when you can't see anything. Bottem line, the animation with the russian was week, boring. Give the viewers more eye candy yes? We all love candy.

All in all, I thought it was interesting, informative, funny and educational. Thats a bad thing for some people I understand......It just needs a bit of spit and polish.
Good work, keep it up.

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deathfun responds:

I quite agree with the whole Russian ordeal. It could have indeed been done far better with less closeups, etc. As for story... well... there wasn't any. Just some Russian going on a ride at the PNE. The original concept with the Russian was to mock my good friend Paul, which in turn does not translate well to people outside the class.

I'll be sure to work on better animation when dealing with stick figures. Afterall, they aren't praised much here on this site. To each their own.

oh my god

worst crap ive ever seen.

deathfun responds:

Then you haven't seen much or have standards that will never be met


Well, sense you put so much effort into it I'm going to believe all if your equations cause I can't and don't want to try and figure it out. I think you will get a good grade on this but somehow I think playing it in class might raise a few brows.

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deathfun responds:

Nothing they haven't seen already (my previous submission was for the same class). As for grade, 28/30.

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